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Hey mates, I’m a former dedicated bodybuilding turned alcoholic fat Canadian backpacker here in Brisbane, Qld. It’s completely time I shaped up my act, I can’t keep putting this off until I settle back down, so I need to get my ass back in the gym and starting eating right again. So I was just hoping some of you local Aussies can tell me which are the reliable supplement brands, and maybe the best place to get them in QLD, as it seems everything is illegal here and a lot of the supplement brands are different than the ones back home. I’m looking for some cheap good protein, and some type of ephedrine or ephedra product. Any type of response would be appreciated, cheers mates!

cheap protein - doesnt get much cheaper in Oz then Musashi 85
maybe go to the chemist and by some Suedofed

also check out the bodybuilding magazines
and im pretty sure you can buy Biotest products you need to order it though so that might be difficult for a backpacker

there are also EAS outlets in Brizzie to

Don’t waste your time on Musashi products. I have it on good authority that they don’t meet label claims and are of general poor quality -which pretty well sums up the whole Australian produced supplement market. If I was you I would only use imported American product -but you’ll have to be conservative because they are very pricey.

As for Sudofed, don’t waste your time it doenst contain any ephedrine -only pseudoephedrine.

And as for Biotest products they are only available from Perth Australia.

Firstly Pseudoephedrine (as in Sudafed) is a poor substitute for ephedrine. In fact, most would say don’t waste your money.

The best way to buy supps is by mail order from one of the big supplement houses in Sydney. They’yve got ads in all the bodybuilding mags.

Musashi isn’t too bad, neither is Aussie Bodies, and I’m especially partial to Max’s

If you want the imported brands (Biotest, etc), read the post “Aussie Problems” and send me an email.

You hit the mark right on Random Weights when you said Aussie protein powders are of poor quality. To all those Aussies out there consuming Aussie protein, good onya for buying Aussie but the quality ain’t there. No Aussie manufacturer can get the protein quality to equal that of USA. Why? No demand here. We are a small country importing heaps of o/s products. I guess you must fork out big bucks for quality. Musashi is the worst product out there. Never again. EAS are a rip off. $120 for a 20pck myoplex or $90 for precision protein. You got to be on $60K + to buy them if you have a family and mortgage. I keep telling everyone I can get the stuff through if I have a reliable o/s source. Until then I’ll just eat eggs, chicken, milk, fish and cheese.

Well fellas, I agree that Sudafed is not a ‘perfect’ alternative to straight ephedrine, but let’s put that in perspective. SBL, listen up! Sudafed (Psuedo-Ephedrine) is basically a watered down version of ephedrine (if anyone can put it more accurately then please do), so you just need more to do the same job a lesser amount of regular ephedrine would. Through personal experience (and from others’) I can tell you that there’s no way in hell that 2 caffeine tabs are gunna do anything near what the same + 2 Sudafed tabs will. And when it comes down to it, we just aint got anything better…! And that’s the simple truth. Unless of course you’re on the operating table, then they may give you some straight injectable ephedrine to kick start your heart when they cock up with the other drugs… [grin] So my final comments are that it ‘is’ worth the time and money over other cutting compounds, and those that say it doesn’t work obviously haven’t tried it or are one of the ‘rare’ few that show no reaction to ephedrine or its derivatives. Comments welcome. Mark-AUS

Mark, just let me clarify my position. I wouldn’t say that Sudafed definitely doesn’t work. In fact, in my experience, it does. As you said, you have to take a lot of it. Somewhere around 480mg (for me). That’s a fairly unsafe dosage 3 or 4 times a day. Especially when the effect is not thermogenic, but an energy boost. If you can get it to work at lower dosages, fine. Knock yourself out.

The other thing is the anecdotal evidence provided by Duchaine he mentions in Bodyopus indicates that Sudafed is more trouble than its worth.

One more thing. Pseudoephedrine isn’t “watered down ephedrine”. It is a different compound with different clincal effects. It is close to ephedrine in structure and shares some effects (I’m no scientist. That came from the Australian Drug Guide).

Sup fellow gods country dwellers :). Ive done Musashi before and never again. Ditto Bodyripped. Just finished some Aussie Bodies Perfect Protein and would do it all again cause I think its best for price/quality. Maxs is apparently slightly better quality and semi-hydrolysed/pre digested but is pricey for 3kgs as Perfect Protein is for 5. AST VP2 is the best hydrolised protein and can be used to make a “surge” like concocction with 60-80 grams of carbs in the form of a dextrose/maltodextrose mix in the brewers section of supermarkets.

On ECA - Id stay clear. Ive done PCA (pseudo ephedrine 120grams, 2-4 asprins and 1-2 red bulls - wooohaaa) and get a buzz but I think the health implications are too serious but, more importantly, suspect that the metabolism/fat burning qualities of PCA are bugger all compared to ECA (which I think is what Dan Duchaine said). So i hope Im with Random on this one (that is, I hope Random's brief experiment is over as mine is). PS - I THINK DA ALI G SHOW ON ABC ROCKS - ELECTRO BOOGIE FOREVER - DRE

… also agrees with what Krakkers said - good post bro.

Duchaine also previously stated in Muscle Media that pseudoephedrine was basically worthless when compared to real ephedrine. Ephedrine is hard to get in through customs -but I’ve had friends order T3 from overseas and it passed through ‘A okay’

What about other brands of protein powder such as aussie bodies are the contents of the box the same as what is written on the label?

Aussie Bodies and Max’s/Amino Active seem to be pretty good.

OK, I got both books, I’ll look up some stuff… So if you guys ‘don’t’ use any kind of ECA stack, what do you use? Personally, I’m gunna keep experimenting though. Cheers.

Before I buy any supplements from Aussie companys I ring and ask for a lab assay on the particular product I want. One particular brand of whey protein isolate was selling for $25 a kilo here, so I contacted the guy for a lab assay. Not only did he give me copies of the assays, he also said he would be willing to have me come and collect a sample for individual testing at the local university. And at $25 a kilo that can’t be beat. Basically the rest of the Aussie products I don’t trust. Musashi is the worst, and Max’s products taste like regurgetated vomit. I had to throw out a whole box of their MRP’s after tasting the first one.

Dre I had no idea you were an Aussie. Which state? I’m from W.A.

What do we use? Well, nothing. Who wants to lose weight? I’m a 135kg Defensive End and Second Rower (depending on time of year). A little fat is a good thing. For a bit of a boost, though, I’ll sometimes take about double the recommended dose of one of those US ECA stacks that have Synephrine instead of Ephedrine. A real boost with a little judicious Sudafed use.

As far as weight loss, I don’t ever want to be under 10%.

Random Weights what’s the name of the brand that you are referring to?

I’m going to assume he’s talking about Redback. I’ve got it too. It’s good stuff for its price

… is from Sydney. I know you are in WA Random from AE.

Sorry the wrong info in my first post, Damn I feel pretty stupid!
Why is Musashi no good???
Is trying to import some protein worth while. Ive checked out the stuff online at the protein factory. How much would it cost to import it?
How can i get my hands on the protein thats only $25 a kilo

C’mon bro why the hell would you want to buy protein for $25? Ilive in Australia and have tried aussie bodies perfect protein=0 gains. I have tried Musashi creatine=very little gains.

3 months ago i first tried VP2 by AST=very large gains that still contiue, and i mean VERY large gains.
2 weeks ago i bought Riboforce=man i feel like i am on steroids on this stuff, again very large gains in strength in just 2 weeks.
Bottom line try not to waste money on all these Australian supplements, in my opinion they are completely useless, 3 things in life are certain, Death, Taxes and i am never buying another australian supplement. I am not bagging the country or anything, its just that why go for the rest when you could be going for the best.