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Aussie Roll Call


Noticed in alot of threads that there seems too be quite a few Australians frequenting this site which is a great thing...so if your an Aussie tell us where your from and introduce yourself.

Name's Jarrad, I'm from eastern suburbs of melbourne, been lifting weights for about a year and a half, I found this website about six month's ago started lurking but have decided it's time too contribute and ask questions.

my goals are too get 120kg bench, 200 kg deadlift and a 150kg squat. at the moment its stuck at 100kg bench, 155kg deadlift and a 100kg squat...

Btw I'm a VB man not Carlton Draught or Toohey's lol


I'm Joel, 18 years old from Brisbane. Got into training when I was about 16 and a half. I was pathetic when I started out and I'm still not on respectable weights but I stick to my guns.

I'd like to try out for the army special forces next year and possibly eventually SAS. So I guess my current goals are to be able to run infinite distance.



I'll up you one.


I actually meant to post that in the worst face plant ever thread but nevermind I like it there.


jtg987, who is that in your display picture?


Denise Milani