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Aussie problems

I live in Australia, and consequently, do not have access to Androsol. Therefore, I haven’t yet tried the highly applauded Fat Fast diet that is of great interest to me.

However, I do have access to MD6, Methoxy-7, Ribose-C, Tribex 500, ZMA, and Powder Drive (through Bodyperformancegear, in Perth).

I am wondering whether any possible combination of the above Biotest supplements can be used as a substitute to Androsol in the diet?

If so, what quantities would be advised for a 170lb, 5 foot 8, 18% BF, male?

Thankyou for any help or advice =)


Methoxy-7 and Tribex-500 would help. (The other products are fine too, but Methoxy and Tribex would be ‘must haves’ when it comes to preserving muscle.) Use MD6 as Brock says too. I’d also eat more calories, still below maintenance, but not drastically low.

You can get MD6 in Oz? Where? Slaine was asking about this in another thread.

Have one of your friends in the states buy an Androsol bottle and pour its contents into an empty bottle of rubbing alcohol. Then have him send the bottle along with a few other legal medicines/supplements (aspirin, vitamin C).

I called bodyperformancegear and was advised I can’t get MD6 from them. If you do find a supplier PLEASE post the details.


So www.bodyperformancegear.com cannot supply MD6 afterall? I based its availability on their website (I’m yet to receive a email back from them).

I may consider upping the calories to 1500, using the same ingredients of the shake that Brock used (with some real food such as meat and cheese occaisonally). I’d use Methoxy-7, Tribex and ZMA. For thermogenic, given the apparent unavailability of MD6, a simple ECA stack should do the job (you can get them in Australia, www.australianmuscle.com.au).

Am I right in saying MD6 has no muscle sparing properties, just fat burning ones? It was the Androsol that was so effective in this department? In that instance, I think my altered approach could work.

However, I’m still cautious about it. I’d hate to lose more muscle mass than necessary. The jury is out, I guess.

Guys, if you need someone on the East Coast of Australia who supplies Biotest, let me know. I’ll put you in contact with him.

I won’t post any email stuff here unless the moderator types will OK it. He tells me he can get MD-6, as well. And his prices are allegedly pretty good.

Sorry, Jono. None of the stuff on the Australian Muscle site contains ephedra. The US companies make products replacing Ephedrine with Synephrine for export to Australia. They don’t tell you that until after you buy it, either. Thats why the ingredients aren’t listed in the advertising material here.

I just spoke with the guy on the east coast as well. He said he can’t get MD-6 either, but the others are OK.

Hey krakkerz, I’d like to get the details of the Biotest provider on the East Coast. How can I get his details off you??

To krakkerz, I live in Sydney. If you can get any Biotest products, can you let me know. To every Aussie out there who wants to purchase Biotest products, if you know someone reliable in the States, it’s pretty easy to get them through Customs. Just need to know what to declare on the shipping docs. Good luck. Sydney customs are strict while Melbourne customs let a lot of illegal stuff through.

Hey Jono, mate, personally I wouldn’t buy the pre-mixed ‘cut-up blends’ put out by the supplement companies. Just get a box of No-Doz (take 2), some Sudafed (take 2), and you may as well throw in some Aspirin (just 1), and you’ll have a great ECA stack, that’s CHEAP! I have no doubt that the supp. company ones work, but if you’re after bang-for-your-buck, just get the over the counter stuff. Cheers. Mark-AUS

Heck why not just drop a bottle of MD6 in the ocean and i will swim upto it and get it.

Guys, if you want to know the guy for Biotest stuff, email me. krakkerz@barbarians.zzn.com. I’ll send you the supplier’s details. The reason is that he supplies through his other business and doesn’t want hundreds of pointless question type email getting in his way.

It’s amazing the shit we have to go through here just to able to get our hands on decent supplements. The government make you feel like a criminal just for importing protein powder.

As for bodyperformancegear, I'm not that impressed. Their prices are outrageous, almost 90 dollars for a bottle of tribex, and 45 dollars for ZMA. And you don't get the buy 2 get one free deal either.

Anybody know anyone in the States. Legit suppliers will not supply illegal goods to Aussies but that can’t stop individuals from sending them down under. Just need a main reliable supplier. Come on TC or Tim, how about helping us Aussies out. We read about how good Androsol and MD6 are, why not supply us outside company policy (i.e not through Biotest). We would appreciate it.

ptoline Sydney - believe me even if someone in the US sends you supplements that are illegal here - that’s not going to stop customs from confiscating them. Someone mentioned before about putting them in a vitamin c container or something similar. This is the only way I think it would work.

I would ship you stuff, but it’s likely to be expensive. There’s the cost of the Biotest products, the cost of shipping, the cost of materials to disguise the products, and any fees imposed by your government. You’re better off going with the real deal if it’s so easy to get in Australia.

I wouldn’t advise doing that with the getting a friend to send it stuff. I did that once. I got a friend to send me some cheap Vanadyl. I gave him a product number. He wrote it down wrong and ended up sending Androstenedione. I ended up in a huge fight with customs over whether or not I should go to jail.

To Random Weights, customs will only check the package for illegal contents if…(1) The item declared is illegal to import into Australia OR (2) a random check regardless of what is declared. Even if you disguise the product, there is a slight chance of it bieng checked. This is a non-issue if you know someone here and overseas…i hope you know what this means. To Mike The Libertarian, I just want to import the products bodyperformancegear don’t sell. Androsol sells for US$33 (if you buy 2 get 1 free). After ex/rate + shipping, the final cost might be AUS$80. Would Aussies be prepared to pay that much for a product that really works? I’m prepared to pay that much.