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Aussie Powerlifter

Hi, just looking for a little advice.

im an aussie PL, ive done 2 cycles before, 1st was an oral only dbol waste of time… 2nd was a full blown 1g of test/week for 8 weeks *both of these were over 3 years ago now and back when i was wating my time BBing)

well i turned my attention now to Powerlifting, and clean have got my squat/dead to around 650lbs.

im 6ft tall
approx 10% bf
29 years old
training for 15 years

The time is right for me now, i have the next 6 months pretty much clear and hassle free, so im want to puch back on the gear.

i have accesss to pretty much anything available in australia, so im lookking for some recomendations on a cycle or two. my goals are to get stronger, aesthetics arent a priority at all, but id prefer not to carry too much water or get too much bigger than i already am.

ive checked through the archives and found a thing or two, but if anyone can offer some specific advice or recomendations to my case it will be much appreciated!

the only things that have gave me good strength gains were test and d-bol…most bodybuilders on here will say d-bol only cycles are a waste of time and for them there 100% right…but my favorite strength cycle so far has been d-bol only at 50 mgs a day for 3-6 weeks…many of my best freinds are bodybuilders and i love em but there steroid thoughts are a little scewed imo for plers…so the only drugs i use are test and d-bol starting about 6 weeks out from a meet when i dont have the money or accsses to test i run bol at 50 mgs a day…another thing i have found is when your injured or cant train at 100% and you want to keep your body weight and strength in the 90% range low dose d-bol at 15-25 mgs in the morning during rehab has been great…i just did this my self the last 3 weeks rehabbing a bicep tendon strain and why i never trained much over 80% i didnt loose any strength and kept my body weight up and came back after the 3 weeks actually setting pr’s…the only other drugs i have used are tren wich i thought was way way overrated and after talking to a bunch of elite lifters im not the only one and methyl-1test wich i was alergic too…right now one of my training partners is using a a drug from gaspari called oxavar wich is like high dose anavar and he loves it i cant wait to try it before my next meet…but for me its been just d-bol and test 6 weeks or so before a meet…remember that pl is 100% about training…drugs just help you recover better…bm