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Aussie Paper Anabolic Users..?



Just wanted to see if there are any aussie users of paper anabolic products? am thinking about taking the plunge as local source has run dry.

Want to see if there have been any probs re- customs etc.


My mate lives in Bondi and has had no problems getting paper AAS through customs.

Good luck,



Brilliant!!!! From the PM's i got it all sounds promising!!! Super happy to hear this!


I'm an Aussie and have recently received some paper anabolics in the mail. Had bugger all success receiving anything else because we all know how tight the customs are around here! I did have one success in the past with a bottle of dbol, but that was just pure luck that it slipped through. I'm on day 3 of my cycle with the paper products (got Drol and Strol) and have yet to see how things go.


Where in Aussie are you?


Im sydney