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Aussie Just Starting


Hey all,

Let me start by saying I lurk here a lot under a different user name yet havent posted with that either. I have read through all the stickies here, and on other boards, and am still learning but have a few questions that I hope someone is kind enough to answer, and I understand I may get flamed for them, hence a new account.

Primarily I just want to know what is a normal price range for different tests, and PCT in Aus, I can find general prices in the US, but its harder than pulling hens teeth to find a single thread with a price range in Aus so i can budget for my first cycle.

Let me be clear, I do not want a source, and I will not be buying from anyone who may pm me looking to sell, even if your 100% legit and the cheapest in the country etc etc, i just want to know what others, hypothetically, in australia would pay for per 10ml or amp of test e, and sus 250, and per tab of clomid, nolvadex and perhaps even dianabol.

if you would prefer to email me outside this forum thats fine i set up a brand new account for that too, again dont bother with offering to sell because i wont be buying from anyone who emails me, i will source my stuff locally, PM me for email address.

I know this will irritate some, but for others who have been in a similar siuation trying to find some info, and struggling, and emphathize with me I appreciate the help.



If you're going to buy at your local dealer anyways, why even bother with the questions?

Or do you think your dealer will give you a major discount when you tell him someone on the internet said he'd get it cheaper??


Honestly, this is just strange.


Yes I can understand how it may seem strange to someone who already has this information, but to someone like myself, with not a single clue on what is a reasonable price, it is a very pertinent question indeed.

If i get a source that says he will supply me for 2X and I know the price should be around 1X well that means maybe i should find another source. Similarly if i find a source that says he will supply at .5X the average price well that as well would raise some major red flags.

And finally if it turns out that it is going to be well out of my price range and something I couldnt afford, then there really is not much point wasting time researching how to do it properly if I am price limited.

I hope this serves to clear up some of the "strangeness"


No one?

Lets try something different

An example tells me that in the US prices are approximately within this range, depending on source:

Testosterone Enanthate(200mgs/ml)
Veterinary Grade=$50-75/10ml
UDLab Price=$40-60/10ml

Sustanon 250
Pharmaceutical=$5-7/1ml amp
UDLab Price=$6-10/amp

What sort of factor of multiplication should I apply to this to get an average price, from a major capital city in Australia. 2 times? 3 times? 10 times?

Then, tack onto the bottom a range of prices for clomid and nolva and thats all I want.


I think the answer is pretty simple (and I'm in Australia).

If you have two people that can deal to you, then you get the cheaper of the two's price and take a shot that they're supplying legit gear.

If you have one person that can deal to you, then you get the only price and take a shot that they're supplying legit gear.

Breaking this down into something algebraic :

For x dealers,
Price = cheapest_price(number_of_dealer)
Likelihood of gear = some random number times experience points.

I think you get the idea.

Alternatively, depending on ages and whatnot, see a doctor and get it on medicare. If you knwo the right doctor... to know the right doctor join a sports club.



I appreciate the help, currently I do not have a source but am not concerned about finding one, I am just trying to plan out how much ill need to complete a cycle, if I cant afford it, there is no point seeking someone out.

Is it really so taboo to put a range of prices? I am not looking for exact dollars, not even to the nearest 10 or 50 even, just it will cost you somewhere in the range of say 100-200 for 10ml of test e. Or 200-300. or whatever it may be


In short, it's drug dealing dude :slight_smile:

Just because it's steroids it doesn't make it any less illegal in Australia.


Yea I understand the sensitivities, I think its ridiculous this is so frowned upon in the first place, but I cant change that.

I am concerned that going into this with no idea of the value is just marking myself to be scammed. Is there a lot of fake gear around, am I likely to be stung?


what also is strange is the PM I got from dude asking me the same thing in this thread.
kinda odd if ya ask me


Lol you started a similar thread a while back and I asked if you had any luck.

Lets not twist things


yes, lets not twist anything.
the pure idea of my asking for prices anyplace,for anything let alone in a country that I have never even visited is pure insanity.

what I did do however is let someone know that we do not speak of such things around here, so you may be mistaken.
still it was an unsolicited PM and its kind of creepy thanks.


Oh I'm sorry, because it sure as shit looks to me like you started a thread called "What are gear prices in Brissy"


well, possible the OP was deleted somehow and mine being second was then placed first but I was not the OP
sorry for being a dick but no I do not live in Aus and I am not interested in prices I dont even speak prices ever with anyone
sorry for the misunderstanding and calling you creepy :slight_smile:


wow this thread is so mysterious! .

why don't you just do a google search; you'll find plenty of sources and you can see prices there.


Thats ok mate, there was obviously some forum error or something, I didnt intend to randomly msg you.


Ok from what I have sussed 1ml of test e is about $30 Aus, ouch, I hope that helps other who pm'd me interested as well.

BRB cops at door