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Aussie Just Started TRT, Reandron 1000 Ineffective


So im 33 and from syd Australia,

Long story short my benign pituitary tumor related non existent testosterone condition went misdiagnosed as severe, treatment resistant depression and anxiety for the past 8 - 10 yrs.

Only recently(January) did a new doc think to check my T levels and after a battery of tests and brain scans, i was diagnosed with an inoperable, but benign tumor on my pituitary gland that is not large enough to cause any major physical damage but just small enough to destroy my test production, when i say destroy i mean to undetectable levels.

In Australia we have a new long acting TRT inject-able, Reandron 1000, which is just test undecanoate 1000mg, to be administered every 10 -12 weeks. As far as i know its not approved for the american market yet.

15 weeks ago i had my first injection, asked to have my levels checked at 5 weeks, was told no, at 9 weeks finally had my level checked and was again at below detectable levels, to say i was pissed was an understatement. A few days later(5 weeks ago) had my second injection with my doctor now agreeing to check my levels at 5 weeks in, which was this past Monday gone. Which brings me to today when i saw my doctor for the results, 7 (normal levels are between 11 - 30) sorry not sure of the measurement units we use here in aus. So again a big disappointing 7!

My doctors response: "after consulting with your endo, i cant give you another injection for another 5 weeks at the soonest"! He also added: " it will take awhile to reach a normal level, probably another 2 more injections". That's 25 god damn weeks from now, another potentially 25 weeks of feeling like shit. I have felt like utter shit for the past 10 yrs, haven't i suffered enough? I felt like shouting at him but didn't. All i said is, i will be seeing the endo and walked straight out. I've got an appointment with my endo tomorrow where i will be begging him to put me on test e or cyp.

Now before the first injection i did petition my doctor to change me to test E or cyp but he said no. I also asked him what do you want my level to be at, he said JUST below about midway on the scale, why cant i have a nice healthy high level of testosterone, haven't i had the test levels of a 5 year old girl for long enough? i felt like shouting at him.

The only advantage i can see for taking reandrom 1000 is for convenience or fear of injections other than that it does not allow for adjustment in dosage, especially if it brings levels too high. Imo this is an inject-able for ether lazy doctors or people that want injection but are scared of them.

From all the research ive done since finding out i may need TRT 99% of guys feel best in on test E or cyp after finding the correct dosage, as well these injectables reach steady state allot faster with guys feeling better quicker.

I just hope to hell my endo agrees to change my treatment tomorrow as i don't feel like going through the trouble of searching for another endo.

Hmm i don't really know the major reason why im posting this, probably to get my story out and to warn guys away from reandron 1000, don't bother with the shit. Sorry for the wall of text.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and any advice is highly welcome.


I realize that treatment options and attitudes there are terrible.

You may want to read some of the 7 stickies here, starting with advice for new guys.

There are some guys who are hyper metabolizers of T who need around three times normal doses. This also means that for these guys, the effective half-life is greatly altered. You will have to sing this song.

We find that injecting T eth/cyp once a week is very suboptimal for most guys. Steady levels are needed. The criteria for these extended products is “normal” at the end of the period. And that will be low normal, the condition that is the problem in the first place.

Is the pituitary adinoma prolactin secreting? If so, Dostinex/cabergoline 0.5mg/week would be effective management.