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Aussie Gyms/Trainers/Competitions


Kind of a copy cat question but wtf ever...

I am planning on moving to Australia in a year and would love your guys help!

My question(s):

  1. Where is a SERIOIUS weight lifting gym to train at in either in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane

  2. A excellent gym/facility/club for a trainer to work at that pays well in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane. Now I dont want work out where I train. I want to work where the rich foo foo people go and train in the underground where only the serious go.

  3. Top 3 bodybuilding contests in the area...gotta start training now right?

If anyone lives out there now and wants to meet up and get some serious lifting on PM me. I will def need a lifting partner.

Thanks bros


  1. Spartans - Kilsyth (eastern suburbs) MELBOURNE, where I reside.
  2. Fitness first all over? My knowledge of this is minimal. However, I do know that there is alot more scope for work as a personal trainer in brisbane, due to the nicer weather etc. I good friend of mine works up there and is doing VERY well. He works through Fitness First. I can hook you guys up if you end up, uo there.
  3. ?? I don’t compete but could find out - Natural?



I work out in melbourne, at a gym called athletique n northcote it seems pretty serious when it comes to bodybuilding the owner runs a couple of shows, he used to compete also some of the staff have/are currently competing. There is a wealth of knowledge and membership was $600 for a year which is pretty competitive when compared to gyms in the area.

I can easily say since november my rate of gains has increased dramatically as the gym has pretty much everything except db’s over 55kg. If you have any more specific question I’d be glad to answer.

One big thing with the gym is they have one squat rack and one power rack, generally both aren’t tied up at the same time, so no real big issues


Seems like the best place to ask this.

I’m moving to Western Sydney in the new year. Any gym recommendations?


I pretty much signed up so I could reply to this.

If you are thinking of Melbourne, look no further than Doherty’s gym http://www.dohertysgym.com/. There are two locations, both are 24/7, the one I train at in Brunswick, about 15 min North of the Melbourne city centre, has 3 power racks, a monolift, a bench equipped for bands, 70 kg DBs, some bumper plates, kettlebells, heaps of Panatta and Hammerstrength machines and heaps of big and strong guys.

Just on the weekend there were powerlifters there doing 220kg 3 board presses for triples and doubles, there are heaps of bodybuilders that train there, and whats more the owner is the guy who puts on the Aussie pro Grand Prix, and the pros come and train at the gym whilst they are out. I’ve trained next to Toney Freeman, Ronnie Rockel (sp), Silvio (the guy who came second in the Aussie Pro this year) to mention a few. He also puts on the amatuer competions and the state titles.

The other gym, which I haven’t been too, has strongman equipment - farmers bars, atlas stones, yoke and possibly more, and they have strongman comps.

Fitness First offer the chance to make decent money, as they have large membership bases, but they charge fairly high rentals and they often have too many trainers for the gym - ie it can be a scrap to get clients. But once you get going there is the chance to make some good coin. There are heaps of small private gyms that will give you the chance to make good coin though, worth checking out when you get here.

Hope that helps.