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Aussie Greens Powder?


I wanted some of that greens+ but it doesn't seem to be for sale in aus. Anyone know where to get some other brand of greens powder in aus?


you can try vital greens, ive been on it a month & its neither here nor there. good to have but not the be-all & end-all. id try supreme greens or Now! Alive Multi...


i forgot to add you'd need to buy them over the net anyway. you can buy wheatgrass, barley, spirulina etc. in bulk in aus & make your own...


I sort of had a quick look for stuff like that in the health food shops when i was in there the other day.

There should be a couple of different options available to you with varying prices.

Just go to you local health food shop and tell them what you want. You will be able to find something.

Sorry if that is not much help.


Hey sjfou where do you get your supreme greens from? I only found one place to buy them online and that was ebay:(

Other types i found were(none really match the ingredients of greens+ tho)
Are any on these good?

Phyto Food Greens
Super Greens
Vital Greens


i was going to post you can get supreme on ebay.

i researched all this a bit & vital greens is currently the only "greens" product on the market that is aussie made - unless you want to make your own. Vital greens is marketed as a replacement to a multi-V & really isnt worth the $$ (it isnt cheap, even in bulk).

My local health shop owner only takes spirulina instead of a multi. 

The above mentioned websites are fine for basic things, but you wont find "green" products such as green +, supreme greens etc. in oz.