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I can legally import ephedrine and yohimbe for personal use only if I have a doctors prescription to do so in Australia as was told to me by Aussie customs.They said some athletes were doing so here in Melbourne.
Please does any one know a doctor in Victoria Australia who would do such a prescription or any doc in Australia then I could at least have a better chance competing in natural shows with guys who take GH etc
Please someone help as I have a passion to compete

Don’t know of any specific Doctors, but I’d go to a sports related Doctor rather than a GP. He’ll vomit if you tell him what you wanna do. I know from experience…

I don’t know if it will help, but I found the following information on the South Ausuralian DHS (Dept of Human Services) web site:


There have been enquiries recently about the status of ephedrine on prescription. Ephedrine is a Schedule 4 drug, used principally to manage enuresis. Some time ago, to minimise diversion, the drug’s registration was modified by the Commonwealth to state it was to be used only in public sector institutions and private hospitals. However this restriction no longer applies, and legal prescriptions for ephedrine tablets may be supplied, so long as you are reasonably sure the patient’s needs, and the prescription, are genuine.

If you are suspicious of excessive prescribing or possible diversion contact the Branch.

I don’t know how (or if) this relates to Vic, but if you find out (or find a doctor willing to prescribe it) Let me know…

stay tuned I think we can get ppa in Aus via broncitis mixtures at pharmacies no prescription still researching stay tuned

Re PPA-it used to be in Dimetapp, but they’ve taken it out. Also in the mixture was a sedative, which would have negated the effects of the PPA. I did a search on the web ages ago for PPA and I found a government document on some medical conference where the Australian Medical Association had just voted to ban PPA completely because of it’s potential for abuse. I hope you prove me wrong, but PPA is not available here.

gentleman, the medication that i believe that you would be after is called “Neo Diophen” by Hamilton pharmaceuticals(based in SA). It is 200ml elixer with each 10ml serving containing: mrpyramine maleate 15mgs, phenylpropanolamine HCL 16mg, dextromethorphan Hbr 15mgs, atropine sulfate 0.2mgs, ethanol and sucrose.
After checking in the latest MIMS catalogue, this product is classified as an S3. The despensing requirements for an S3 product differ slightly in each state, but i know for a fact that in Victoria it is essentially an over the counter product.
From first appreance it seems that us aussies have hit pay dirt with this product, but i am wondering whether the other active ingredients may mitigate or even cancel out the theromgenic qualities of the ppa. Perhaps this is a question that Brock or Bill may want to address!!!

Yeah I can answer that. I almost bought a bottle a year or so ago but decided against it when I saw the warning that it causes drowsiness. I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess that that and the fact it’s loaded with sugar, would ruin it as a useful fat burner. At best you would be falling asleep in the gym on it.

Arecoline could be our saviour can anyone find a source for it though? In the 171 issue 'The Alternative Pharmacist by Doug Kalman’Betel Nut was suppose to help burn fat how effective is it compare to ephedrine? Can anyone from Biotest please let us Know! We are desperate here in Aus