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Aussie Bloke Looking for NFL Team to Support


As an Australian, the NFL historically does not get a lot of coverage in our great land. As an avid follower of Australian Rules Football and Rugby, I have been lost in looking for other ball sports to follow whilst it is off season (October through February for AFL & Rugby, and soccer doesn't interest me).

However, over the last few weeks I have had access to viewing some NFL games, and in particular whilst the playoffs are on I have found myself enjoying watching these games and have managed to pick up the rules and understanding of the game relatively quickly. I have decided that next season I'm going to pay closer attention and watch more NFL to appease my sporting appetite.

I've decided that it would make things more interesting if I chose a team to follow, that I could keep track of week in week out. Given I've got no particular allegiance to any region of the USA, I thought I'd open the floor to fellow T-Nationers to present their arguments for which team I should support and why.

Best post will result in a new supporter for their team.......


You should start pulling for the San Francisco 49ers. They are one of the oldest franchises in the NFL, they play in a world-renowned city (although it seems to get a bad rap here in the U.S.), they have one of the most storied histories of any franchise, enjoyed more success over a 20 year period than any other team (1980-2000), the best QB of all-time played for them (Joe Montana) and the best wide receiver of all-time (Jerry Rice) and they fucking sucked this year.

But they just signed a big-time up-and-coming coach (Jim Harbaugh) to a 5 year contract, they have enough talent to warrant the claim that they are on their way up again and they have a couple of the biggest freaks of human nature in Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis. So, if you jump on the bandwagon now, you won't be accused of being a cock-sucking front-runner, yet you (hopefully) won't be attaching yourself to a sinking ship. You can say that you jumped aboard the Niners' bandwagon when they weren't good, but I think you won't be pulling for a poor team for very long. No one likes a guy who starts following a sport and just picks the best team in the league as his new favorite team. Don't be that guy.


Not the Browns. Cuz the Browns suck.

I vote Steelers. Cuz the Steelers don't suck.

EDIT: I also like the Patriots.




Dude, you are gonna have to go for Da Bears. Why? This is why.


Colts or Patriots- you'll be able to watch 2 of the greatest QB's ever to play.
Steelers although I hate them they are always a solid team


Support who you want. This is not that hard. There are MANY NFL related threads on GAL.


Ha yeah Jack I'm feeling what you're saying. I mean, I don't blame you for trying to get into NFL when you have to support and watch the Wallabies. I think like 75% of Australia has excepted the fact that you're going to get absolutely smashed at the World Cup this year. Even your own fans have lamented themselves to the truth the All Blacks will reign supreme.

But back to your query I second the New England Patriots suggestion. Football is so much easier to watch for people like ourselves you weren't raised watching football. Tom Brady is the best QB in the world, watching him control his offense with such easy and fluidity is something to admire.

Or otherwise you could follow the Dallas Cowboys. Why I suggest them has solely to do with one of their players, Australia's own former AFL superstar Mat McBriar. McBriar is one of the best punters in the NFL and he was chosen this year to play in the Pro Bowl. Aussies gotta support Aussies I guess.


bonerjams - I wrote this thread after watching the Colts v Jets game today, I seriously thought the Colts would get up.

Gettnitdone - I concede the kiwis are the premier force in rugby at the moment....although may i remind you who won the last meeting between the 2 sides? And good luck at the world cup....maybe the kiwis can finally win one, and not choke at the last hurdle.


Whatever team troy polamanu (sp) plays for!



additionally, all our female fans are dime pieces. None of those overweight, bundled up beasts you see on the East Coast. Only bombshells here, minted by the surf and sun.


don't go with the cowboys. they have the worst fans. at my work when they win they get on the radio and talk shit about how they are America's team and when they lose you can hear crickets chirping and can't find one with a pack of bloodhounds. I grew up a cowboys fan until the way jerry jones got rid of coach Tom Landry. he didn't have the balls to tell him he was fired to his face. Landry found out when a reporter asked him how he felt about it. NO CLASS AT ALL!
I'm an Arizona Cardinals fan and the only one I know of around here. although they went to the SB a couple yrs ago they are a team with a history of futility. I catch a lot of crap about them but they are still my team.
many fans pick their teams because of family ties like "my grandfather and dad were 49er fans" or regional like the Carolinas with the Panthers. you can pick your team based on well known players like Brady, P. Manning, Polamalu, or Ray Lewis. you can go with history like Green Bay, Chicago, Cleveland, or Philadelphia. if you want fans that look like escapees from the Road Warrior movie go with Oakland. you like the mountains go with Denver, the desert Arizona, the swamp New Orleans.
pick something that appeals to you, choose your team, get some cold brews and good food, and get ready to talk trash.
welcome to American Football.

oh yeah. you also need a college team to pull for. this is where fans REALLY become insane!


GOTTA Route for the JETS!


New England

Why? Because they're not over hyped like the Cowboys. 90% of there fan base is not incarcerated (like the Raiders.) They were a huge underdog in the superbowl right after 9/11 and won. You couldn't make that sh*t up. They had to win 2 Superbowls before the media actually gave them the respect they deserve. They're classy, (please google "The Patriot Way") next chance you get. Bellichek hates the media.

But this era of greatness will end. Make sure to keep being a huge fan when they suck, that's what it means to be an NFL fan.

If you like the NFL, check out NCAA football.


GOTTA learn to spell first!


GOTTA get with it




Jets are gonna be destroyed by the Pats. I hate both teams, but I do hate the Jets. For some odd reason, I'm not sure. maybe because they're overhyped.

That being said, as a Skins fan, don't root for them. they are the Yankees of football spending wise, but without the championships to show for it.

As who to root for, tough to say. I'm a fan of the Skins because I'm from the area. Find a player you like and root for that team.


Rex Ryan = hate him, that's why I can't stand the Jets.


You're in Australia right? Well, geographically the 49ers are the closest team to you. I think. I know the shortest flight possible to Hawaii is from SFO, so I assume you're just slightly closer than San Diego. You gotta root for the local team!