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aussie and mag 10

Hi everyone
I live in NSW australia and ordered recently some myostat cp3 and tribex from overseas ,was wondering if any of my aussie buddies have tried to get some mag-10 sent here,im worried if order some it will be used by customs for THEIR personal use :))) . so if anyone has recieved mag 10 in australia i would like to know. thank u

Hey Bert, not too sure of laws in Oz, but I live in Malaysia, I ordered my MAG-10 from Netrition.com and the package arrived 3 days later. Customs held it for a couple of days, then released it, no questions asked. I paid my duty and taxes and opened my package, it was marked as “liquid vitamins” by Netrition! I’ve been ordering MAG-10 (and other Biotest products) from this company and fully recommend trying them out!

Tell us what happens if you try. I live on the Gold Coast and I want to order some as soon as someone says they got theirs.