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Aural T suppression - emergency reversal protocols?

Help! Usually go to the gym at 6.00am and all is well, anyway had the day off work and went at 10.00am, no biggy really. Walk in the door, housewives on the bikes, sitting on bikes at 1RPM and talking, no wonder they had that big bit of fat hanging where their tri’s should be. I headed to the sanctury of the squat rack to start my GBC programme, did the first set, then my head started spinning and I’m sure I felt my nads shrink, couldn’t be with all that vitex, keep going I thought, I’ll do some deadlifts next, hmmm not improving then it hit me Aqua was playing in the background, NOOOO! Oh well it will be a compilation CD won’t it, it will pass, it didn’t! I continued the GBC thinking that would keep the T levels in check, now I’m confused, how should I restore the balance? I’m taking my CD player next time. So what music will ensure the force is with me and prevent nad-atrophy next time I venture to the gym mid morning? Thanks in advance. Kiwi

Play some Minnie Ripperton. You know, “Loving you…” Actually that’s from that commercial where the stadium guy can’t use a check to get the music for the football team. Funny as hell.

if the gym plays music I like I get into it, if the gym plays music I hate I get real pissed and angry (psyched up). so I almost hope that the gym is playing shit when I go in. peace

That’s why I love my gym in the states, dance tunes and if your lucky enough to workout during the early afternoon, that’s when all the strippers get up and go to the gym.

If you want to get really pissed and fire up those androgens put some Slayer or Slipknot into your cd player. Added bonus: if your headphones are loud enough and people can hear the ear thrashing going on they will tend not to interrupt your workout with annoying chatter.