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Aunt Jemimas Post Work Out Shake Yall


Im looking for some feedback on my post workout shake, wanna know what you guys think of it. So im trying to make it as cheap as possible and ive come up with a blend of whey, milk, aunt jemimas syrup, and a little bit of olive oil. What you guys think?! good? no? any feedback would be great. Im trying to leave out anything with fructose cause i know that aint good for post workout.



come on people..throw me a freakin bone here!


Why olive oil? Otherwise, why not? If it works, do it. Weirder things have happened.


Im just wondering if the aunt jemima's is a good carbohydrate for post workout considering that it is glucose.


Aunt Jemimas is almost 100% high fructose corn syrup. Get your self some Gatorade powder and mix your protein with that. You could make things even simpler and just eat something sugary (pop tarts, rice crispy treats etc) along with your protein shake. Save the olive oil for other meals.


Have you done a search on this topic, champ? People's PWO stuff has been written about extensively.


Can't go wrong with peanut butter in it.


Seconded, peanut butter is really the true nectar of the Gods...I bet that's how Thor got so big.


Wouldn't the high fat content of the peanut butter slow digestion? In a PWO shake - wouldn't you want it to be quickly assimilated?


For sheer cheapness, try table sugar. Or find some bulk dextrose. Or hell, grind up oats. Oats are cheap.


Im almost sure that gatorade has a bunch of crap sugar in it, maybe even HFCS.....dont qoute me. All I know is it destroys my teeth.

Also on the convo of PB, Im not a real big fan of it, been using mostly almond butter for like a year but I found this company in new york that makes dark chocolate PB and cinnamon raisin PB, worst thing in it is evaporated cane juice but MF is it tasty!!


Some bottled gatorades have/had HFCS. The powder ones have dextrose.


not good. Aunt Jemimas is pretty much all sugar from fructos - replaces liver glycogen and not muscle glycogen. I put olive oil in other shakes throughout the day, but not pwo - you don't want fat in this meal, it slows digestion - maybe pre-workout. table sugar, or sucrose, also not good because of the fructose.

pretty much just want dextrose or maltodextrin after a workout. I tried brown rice syrup for a while, as it contains both of these sugars, and was pretty cheap, but honestly the cheapest most convenient way is just to buy either of them in bulk. NOW brand has a pretty cheap 5lb container of maltodextrin.


This is what I do:
Whey protein (buy in bulk, ~$30 for 5 lbs)
Dextrose powder (also in bulk, something like $24 for 10 lbs)
The dextrose is cheap as sheeit in bulk.


Well the Aunt Jemima's that I have doesnt have any high fructose corn syrup in it. It says the main ingredient is glucose which to my knowledge is the same thing as dextrose. So im thinking that it does go to muscle glycogen and not liver glycogen. What do you guys think? Im thinking its a good way to get my glucose intake since you can get that shit anywhere.


can anyone give me a response? I think this could be a benefit to anybody on a tight budget.


JUST TRY IT! There's very little harm in doing this for a week or two- no one is going to destroy their entire progress by using Jemima's syrup for a couple weeks in the pwo shake. ANd who knows, maybe it's the ultimate anabolic carbohydrate source! Just try it, and to hell with consequences, you can always go to regular dextrose anyway.


Lighten up francis.


Can't you just buy glucose syrup?