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August DC T-Cell Gathering

Hi DC T-gang,

We haven’t had a T-Cell gathering in a while, and I thought perhaps it’s time for another one.

I’m thinking about August 9th (Saturday) because:

  1. It should give people enough notice to mark it on their calendar

  2. Mike Mahler will be in town again, so he can be our guest of honor (and hopefully this time we can find a place that’ll have more than french fries for his delicate vegetarian palate)

If anyone’s interested in it, let me know. I’m thinking about planning one if there are at least 6 people interested in it.



You know I’m in!! :wink:

No no! A few more days, please! I get in from Italy on Aug 9th!


What time do you land? You may be able to make it depending on what time you’re landing since we’re thinking dinner.

OTOH – you may be too jet-lagged. I’m always jet-lagged, so going somewhere right after I’ve been flying for 10+ hours seems almost normal.


I’ll go if someone can give me a ride. It’s hard to explain, but I won’t drive someplace I’m not familiar with. Anyone planning on going that lives near Baltimore?

That weekend is open for me so count me in.
Any ideas on food/drinks yet?


Not yet. Got any suggestions? Something a lil more vegetarian friendly so Mike Mahler doesn’t end up eating french fries again.

Nobody’s interested in the August gathering except elven and bodyIQ?!!!

Hey! I said I was interested, but I may have trouble getting there. Where would it be held at?


Probably near Tysons area, I suppose. DC would be nice, but it’s very difficult to find parking in DC on Sat night. In addition, I intensely dislike the metro system.

so it’ll be IQ and the two eligible t-vixens in the area?? (Solosgirl, you’re gorgeous, but you’re attached :wink: I didn’t forget about you though!)
Come on!! I know we’ve got more people than that.

I’d like to be there, but I’m at the beach every weekend this summer. Same reason I didn’t make the second one. Once we’re past Labor Day I’ll be in town much more often.

I’ll be there!

Oh no, wait. [Slaps head] I live in Japan…


Book a trip then. They have a direct flight from NRT to IAD. :wink: Hehehe.

Yeah, I don’t think my family would be too happy (you know, those people I haven’t seen for almost three months) if I hopped off the plane and went straight to a party. I guess I’ll catch the next one.

I’d like to come, but I’m thinking of competing in a BJJ tourney in WV on that day. If I can’t get anyone else on my team to go up, I might just skip it, and I’ll be able to make the dinner.

PF changs in Tysons is a good choice or Busara in Tysons. Hey if it is just me Stella and Eleveneyes that is fine with me. I am single again and have no problem hanging out solo with some lovely t-vixens :wink:

Mike Mahler


PF Chang would be nice.

So you’re single? wink

I like the ratio so far. I’m in.

WOOT Mike is single??
Now if we can just get Christian single for Stella tease