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August '20 Photo/Video Check-In

This is an idea to improve the forum community, but this thread absolutely does not reflect any type of “official” T-Nation site membership requirement.

It’s a check-in, not a call-out. The idea is to improve the sense of community and remind us all that, no matter what we post about here and what initially brought us to the site, the one common trait that every forum member should have is a consistent drive to attack our training and see results, period.

I’m asking for all forum members to post a current snapshot of themselves. And let’s try not to get too distracted or off-topic with critiques of what gets posted. There should end up being more posts with images attached, than not.

If your goals are physique-based - you want to get bigger or get leaner or get bigger and leaner - toss up a current pic.

If your goals are performance-based - the powerlifter, the fighter, the Olympic lifter, etc. - you’re not excused. You’re invited to post a short video clip from a recent training session.

I’m just asking you to participate and play a role in improving the quality of the forum as a whole by reinforcing the idea that T-Nation members know how to do more than just rack up high post counts in the non-training-related sections of the site.

Concerned about staying anonymous? Sites like pixlr are free Photoshop-like websites that make it ridiculously simple to edit/blur/obscure your face, identifying tattoos, birthmarks, background detail, or anything else that might threaten your anonymity.

So, no excuses.

Previous check-in: February 2020

Goal is still to stay under 200 indefinitely. Was 186 at the end of the T-ransformation in June, drifted to 191 now mostly from backing off a bit on training.

Last few weeks have just been gtg chins almost daily. And 4-5 days a week for about an hour/hour and a half of outdoor stuff - I do some pruning, plucking and edging… then I get to the yardwork.


Had a strongman comp back in Mar that got canceled. Was up to 210lbs. Since then, I’ve gradually cut down to 181.2 as of Wed and shed a significant amount of bodyfat.

Strength is still holding on well. Hit 3x235 strict on log and 3x585 for some partial deadlifts


I’m pretty content where I’m at right now !! Not feeling weak, not feeling fat…
Hell has frozen over mayhaps.
I hip thrusted 300lbs x 5 yesterday . That’s my priority lift right now , glad I can do it at home :slight_smile: .

Keep up the good work everyone!!


Oh, and here’s my 310lbs x 3 a while back for proof or it didnt happen haha.
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I tried to take a photo but my phone quality is crap:

Please see video check in.
128kg / 280lb front squat for 5 reps.

Body weight is VERY high right now. That needs addressing.
Current training goal - under 105kg strong man in November. Even hired a coach and nutritionist.

Edit to add the video


Excited to see that man. Where are you competing?


Sussex. On the south coast. A pla e called Sussex strength store.

I didn’t even realise that place existed, I’ll have to explore the site a little later. It’s less than 30mins from me.

I’ll have to look the event up, I have a week off in November and I’d better fill it up with stuff I want to do before the missus fills it up for me.

Neither did I!

There’s a 7ft 35kg axle on there for £75 (£100 delivered)…

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