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August '19 Photo/Video Check-In

Oh come on now. A arm measurement is way more impressive then you pulling a weight off the ground that would turn most guys spins on here into goo… :wink:


Thanks dude. Rather funny too, considering I am apparently doing everything wrong for my spine health according to Dr. Stuart McGill, Spine Whisperer.


Ignore the messy background mid cleaning room, made some good progress the last few months, especially after finally getting on TRT. Had low levels of testosterone for years after a really bad lyme disease infection.


How about a trap vein PR? I think I’m getting pretty lean and my body-weight hasn’t changed much (190 in the morning). If I ever actually got stage lean I’d be one of those people that are almost too vascular.


Grandson and me watching monkeys misbehaving on YouTube in my office at home.


LOL! But the veins do look awesome man!! I think they would be a plus rather than a negative when you go on stage one day!! And your traps are in good condition as well! Keep up the good work man!!

Your abs have abs that have abs! Looking great bro! Lean, hope to get that lean one day!!

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I’ll post some stuff in a bit. I can’t say I’ve really progressed since my last check in, as I was out of commission with a pec tear for a couple months, but I’m back to working hard in the gym, and I’ve hit some decent lifts recently.

I always make sure to take “before” pics when I hurt myself. In my case, I usually have surgery so I do a full progress check to set a baseline for my recovery.

The goal of my “after” pics is to look the same.

Well, I did take a few pics when I hurt myself. Probably don’t wanna look like this again though…


Here’s a 205 strict press double, done pretty easily. Really happy where this is at, I hate pressing barbells lol.



Aaaaand here’s a sandbag, pull, drag medley. I didn’t video my first run through this, but it was significantly faster. I was pretty gassed here, but I was still happy to be handling a sandbag of this size as well as I am currently. Sandbag weighs 250.


Hey flip nice to see you around. Hope the pec’s healing nicely

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I can’t decide who you look like. But it’s someone (like a famous person)…you ever been told of a resemblance to anyone? I just can’t put a finger on it.

I did run this one through a filter, HDR about 50% power it really makes the cuts look deeper for the longest time I was about 250 lb now I’m down to about 225




Here I am!



I know the same tactics don’t work for everyone but I must ask… How do you get so lean? As an individual one would likely classify as having an endomorphic somatype I find it very difficult to get lean