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Aug '21 Photo/Video Check-In

I realise it’s not August anymore but thought I’d jump in anyway.

5’8, 150 lb. Been running Tactical Barbell templates for the entirety of my lifting career because I enjoy the flexibility. Lifts are going up nicely - currently at a 2x bodyweight chin up (and, as I discovered last week while talking on the phone while loitering near a pull up bar, can do one arm chins), 1x bodyweight OHP and coming up to a 3x bodyweight low handle trap bar DL.


This is just insane.

Nice work brother

Tactical Barbell. The program of champions

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Missed August but will check in anyway!

Weight training/ muscle building has took a back seat the past few months as I decided I wanted some new physical challanges. Ran a tough mudder last month…

And have signed up to run a half marathon at the end of the month. Doing it to raise some cash for a children’s heart charity so have set up a just giving page. Fancied the challenge of running it and thought it a good opportunity to raise a bit of £££ too.

Probably losing a bit of muscle mass with only 2 weights sessions a week and all this extra running bit it feels nice to be pretty fit again.


I’m 5’9 158 lbs…teach me master… Lol


IKR, I’m working on squatting 2xbodyweight and @Iron_Condor decides “hey, let’s work towards a 2xbodyweight pull-up”

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@Chris_Colucci time for September checkin?

It’s a Feb/Aug thing.


Ohh okay

Step one

choose parents with favourable tendon/muscular insertions/attachment points

Step two

hope you inherit the correct pattern of genetic information

Step three

exercise and diet for a long, long time

the student is now the master. You need to travel back in time to before you were born, somehow render your adult conscious available prior to being conceived. Choose different parents, hijack the brain of the child conceived through said different parents… Boom, it’s THAT simple

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