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Aug 20th, Offical Prof X Day


Every one line up and pucker up.


I hear that. People are lining up to his cock today aren't they...


He fucking sucks as a roommate. Don't get me wrong, he's a good dude but he is just a dick sometimes.

I'll buy food and then leave for a few days and when I get back...its all gone!

the fucker drinks outta my milk while i'm in the kitchen STARIN at him.

He's got this bad ass stereo system in his bedroom that he blasts porn out of whenever I'm trying to entertain a girl. Then he comes out of his room and pretends that we are gay lovers. FUCKING COCKBLOCKER!

The cat hasnt paid his half of the bills since March, he turns on the air conditioner and opens the doors....I'm like wtf prof? and he's all like "I'm awesome and shit, see my dad owns this dealership and no matter if i fail outta college or not I'm set"

you should hear him snore...MY GOD!

He pretends to wanna party with my boys and I but he really just slips us LSD and tapes us trippin. he sells the video as "X" Files

his fucking awful jokes
the most fucked up thing is everywhere we go together he acts all buddy buddy with me-like we're homies.

this aint close to half the shit he does, but i'm stuck with him because I don't wanna break the lease and leave him with the entire rent




this what happens when bromances go wrong



I roomed with him in college, in the dorms we had a sink for brushing and washing our face and such.
The guy would wake up in the middle of the night and piss in the sink.
But I pretended I was sleeping and didnt see, I was still crying from earlier.



i must say count, i'm impressed


Shit! I missed it. Is this an annual thing?


I bet ya he dosen't even use novacane on his patients.Just rips those fuckers right out...ain't nuttin' but a peanut. Yer all done,now get out ah ma office and get something to eat.

Maybe the mods can change the banner to say X-tosterone Nation just for today. Hope he's in a good mood today.


LOL, fuckin' well done man!


I got a cavity on purpose, just so he could stick his hands in my mouth


The Count never fails to entertain here.






Man, this paints a God-awful visual.


I just got the mental image of him doing dentistry ala Ronnie Coleman. "Yeaaaaaaaaaa Baby!!!! Motherfuckers want some white-ass teeth, but they don't want to have no heavy-ass fillings!"


Oh shit, that was yesterday.

Well, today....everybody masturbates but thinks really hard about yesterday.

Don't think about me though cause that's just nasty...unless you have boobs....and a vagina....and no penis.


You guys are being disrespectful of the man. I argue with him but he is a surgeon and was an officer in the Air Force, which is about 100 times what any of you will ever accomplish. He loves to get big and that's his business, so get over it.

Imagine me, ME!!!!, defending the Prof. Life is full of anomolies!


a surgeon? he's just a dentist, don't try to get fancy


That's crazy because yesterday I was thinking about masturbating today.

The real question is, how confident are you about that South African runner and would you feel comfortable with he(r) masturbating to the thought of you?


LOL at "just a dentist". I specialize in oral surgery. It is what I do possibly more than anything else or at least equal.