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Aug '18 Photo/Video Check-In


When you posted this it was SEPTMEBER HERE!!!


Damn it!


I saw that shirtless back pic on IG!


Are you putting on more mass?


Probably just my recent non-concern for staying lean during the summer coupled with an XL T-shirt that might have shrunk a bit in the wash -lol

And being able to train 7x/wk the last two months
Doesn’t hurt either.




Ahh, the macho one was wise indeed!



Lil mirror pic before shoulder day, I really wanted to get one afterwards when my shoulders looked awesome but there were people in the locker room at that point and I just cannot bring myself to do that in front of other people, despite the fact that there’s someone doing it every time I walk in there.


Who cares what they think, it’s not as if they play a big part in your life, although we all think were being watched the whole time, I’ve come to realize the truth is everyone has their own story, their own shit to do, they could care less if someone is taking a progress pic (totally normal thing to do btw, I’ve done it before), just don’t be one of those guys who lift up a weight that’s too heavy for them (or very light), grunt really loudly and then drop the weight as loud as possible, I can’t stand those people, it’s very inconsiderate, I’d understand if they were an OLY lifter or a powerlifter/strongman training for a meet or competition, however there’s these guys do like… cable chest flyes (big guys mind you) and obnoxiously take the weights as high as possible and let go, it’s loud enough that I notice with my death metal blaring through my headphones, same with rack pulls… They’re gonna break that god damn power rack… Who do they think they’re fooling, it doesn’t make them seem any more macho or manly, as a matter of fact it makes them look like they’re begging for attention


I know August is over but…


Really great transformation man! Amazing what a bunch of hard work can do!


Thanks friend-o for the kind words!