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Aug '18 Photo/Video Check-In


Aside from awesome all around, your cankles are a whole different type. When I think cankles, I think saggy flesh socks with bad elastic.

Yours are more like hydraulic bottle jacks (in a good way.).


Thank you, Sky. @ cankles. I never train calves in isolation, and I get more comments about them than any other body part.

BTW, I would have put up a picture of my back, but I heard that traps are the new tits, so I don’t want to give the internet weirdos any ideas. wink. Also, it’s hard to take a back selfie.


Thanks! i moved again to my best mates house and yeah now im training strongman.


That’s awesome, Duke.


It is pretty awesome :slight_smile:


Couldn’t find a way to filter out the ugly… yet here I am!


Yet you still did, I don’t see it.


Then you must be blind :rofl::rofl::rofl:


WHOOT!! You’ve done sooo great! My only complaint is that this selfie is cutting off your guns, and your little waist. I was so impressed with the pic you put up in the Transformation thread, wheels and all. You’re one of the good ones. Lovely inside and out.


Awe… thanks Puff! I am still shooting for 2020 on the transformation thread! LMAO!


With just a day to spare, I’ll join in on this thread as well.

I’m on a transformational journey, that begun April the 26th this year, looking like this
and today, I look like this:

I couldn’t have done it without all the articles on T-nation, and lately, the forums and the community here.

The journey continues.


LMAO I’m stealing this line


I can’t help but feel posting pics online is a bad idea but potato so.

I blur out anything that could give hint to my identity such as my necklace, clothes, any part of my face chin etc. BF percentage is getting slightly higher than I’d like. My goals are to add size, much more size as I’m quite small atm. Wonder what I’ll look like when I have a TT higher than 400ng/dl… I’m not nearly as big as most guys on here but yeeeeeeeeettttt I’m trying my best with the several limitations I have. My left bicep is bigger than my right bicep, my right tricep is bigger than my left tricep, parts I want to bring up the most (lagging parts #genetics) are triceps, forearms… The rest is semi alright

Currently on a short layoff due to a mild injury, should be back in gym in two days or so


nice work bud…


Since we’re at it…

2.5 years ago



Just got my eyes checked recently, they’re in great condition.


It’s still August, right?

I power cleaned 198 earlier, which is the most I’ve done is a wwwwwhile.

Some fatboy muscles.

Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation

Why not throw my hat in the ring… still cutting uggghhhh





I’m not taking my shirt off on the gym floor much these days but hopefully here’s proof that I still lift -lol