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Aug '18 Photo/Video Check-In


Photo update. 145 or so in this shot. 51. 5’6".

Increased carb intake over the past few weeks after months of low-carb dieting. Nice to see no damage on the scale. Would like to get down to 140 before working to add 4-5 pounds of quality muscle (need to stay below 149; IBJJF featherweight).

Still training 5/3/1 regularly. Just finished week one of the 1.2 of the Beyond template. My immediate goal is to 1RM 1-2-3-4 plates in the Big Four by the end of the 2019 T-Nation Transformation season. 1RMs as of mid-June 2018: 130/195/270/295.


Your gym has a set of wagon wheels to pull with? That’s pretty awesome. Nice pulling.

Also, your hair. WTF?


Should have dyed the beard to match!


I like the hair-style it reminds me of the guys in the hardcore-punk scene (music genre)


220 lbs this morning.


Nice to see you, Edgy. Long time!

@ 220 and a 19 inch bicep. Wow!

For some perspective on size. Haha. It’s relative I guess. I’m putting up a bicep in that bottom pic. I don’t know how big my arm is, but your bicep is as big as the largest part of my thigh!


Not 220 lbs this morning. Also, not 18 inches.


This is all I am comfortable posting of myself until I lose some fat. Actually I probably won’t be posting any more pics of myself for other reasons.


A shadowy bicep, lol.


Our biceps are like identical size, lol. I just measured mine just over 17". I had to measure twice, it surprised me. Biggest mine have ever been.


@ The ginger’s arm. I just realized that’s an 18 inch arm, not 19 inches. And this is why I’m not a carpenter.

Whew. That was giving me a complex.


Hey, no worries. Good to have you here.

The next check in is in 6 months. We’re going to at least need to see your cankles.


Thank you


I think everyone should only post their cankles


You’re looking great PuffyDear! Good work…so, quitting the Diet Dr Pepper helped you lose 3lbs? Can you tell us more about why?


Hey, thank you, Edgy. I hope all is well with you.

@ Quitting Diet Cherry DP? It was one of the few things that gave me JOY, so I figured it was probably bad, right? We like to get rid of all good things with this hobby. Lol.

I don’t think giving it up has effected my weight. I was just a little proud of giving it up because I was starting to go through a 2 liter bottle every couple of days. It’s probably a good thing I don’t drink wine. Not kidding.


Dr Pepper is a hard habit to kick! Congratulations! I kicked mine almost 9 years ago.


I’m so glad i hate any drink that isnt water, milk or orange juice.


@duketheslaya, are you still away at school this year? Have access to a full gym again? Nice farmer’s carries.


I saw your join date. Nice to have you here. A lot of people got involved in a T-ransformation thread, a physique improvement challenge. Many of the lifters checked in on that thread in June, and then haven’t checked in again here.

The link if you haven’t seen it.


Damn it, more competition for 2019! Thanks PUFF!


For people who have been here awhile, remember @jjackkrash? He put a picture of his cankles up once to try to one up me. It was a good try.

It seems like there should be some strongman event for cankle strength. I’m thinking of people who are hard to push over maybe.