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Aug '18 Photo/Video Check-In


I’m the guy in the mirror, oh, and our gym got some new carpet too - yay~


Damn forgot your a tall SOB


Well might as well repost this in here.


Just wanted to throw in a congrats on this. 19lbs is HUGE, especially at your size. Great work getting it done.


I seek to get reminded every day :joy:
Love the shirt btw :metal:


This was the end to my second week back lifting ( a week ago). Bw per hand so yeah Slaya is back :sunglasses:


Solid effort young Rooster!


Thanks so much! Appreciate the comment :hugs:


Cheers! I’d like to eventually get a double bw per hand carry.


I’ve been intermittent fasting again and keeping pretty light, but I thought I looked pretty jacked in pictures out dancing with my daughter yesterday at a festival. This is how I get most of my cardio these days.


Sure, not dieting specifically or following a strict regimen, just trying to consistently stay on the gym and eat well. Ignore the douche poof hair, had to remove my hat, related to work.


Well since I talk about them in excess to a point , I figure they are unofficial members of the community. I figure that I might as well post two pics of my two sons…



53 years old. 5’7" at about 200 lbs


nobody wants to after seeing that picture of you! Damn, son. Looking awesome


hotter than the sun, Spocky. Nice work


as would I… that would be one hell of a carry. I can’t imagine that much weight ever coming up in competition, in any weight class. I’m a lightweight (181), and we’re doing 315/hand at the World Championship, lol. 360/hand would never happen.

Now, a double bodyweight per hand deadlift is another matter. Maybe shoot for that :wink: Even that’s extraordinarily difficult, but it’s doable.


Here are some recent videos. First is a 600 lbs axle dl for 2, the next 2 I’m working on powerstairs at 300 and 400 lbs. Both are events at the world championship next month.





Aesthetic guns man.


I never said i could haha, i said I’d like to. Because it would be pretty awesome!

Btw i seen that you got the pick with 315 and walked like 5 steps. Thats strong as shit man.