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Aug '18 Photo/Video Check-In

This is an idea to improve the forum community, but this thread absolutely does not reflect any type of “official” T-Nation site membership requirement. It’s an idea that’s been percolating for a while, and I’m just some dude on the forum (okay, maybe that’s not so accurate anymore) who figured I’d start a thread about it.

It’s a check-in, not a call-out. The idea is to improve the sense of community and remind us all that, no matter what we post about here and what initially brought us to the site, the one common trait that every forum member should have is a consistent drive to attack our training and see results, period.

I’m asking for all forum members to post a current snapshot of themselves. And let’s try not to get too distracted or off-topic with critiques of what gets posted. There should end up being more posts with images attached, than not.

If your goals are physique-based - you want to get bigger or get leaner or get bigger and leaner - toss up a current pic.

If your goals are performance-based - the powerlifter, the fighter, the Olympic lifter, etc. - you’re not excused. You’re invited to post a short video clip from a recent training session.

I’m just asking you to participate and play a role in improving the quality of the forum as a whole by reinforcing the idea that T-Nation members know how to do more than just rack up high post counts in the non-training-related sections of the site.

Concerned about staying anonymous? Sites like pixlr and fotoflexer are free Photoshop-like websites that make it ridiculously simple to edit/blur/obscure your face, identifying tattoos, birthmarks, background detail, or anything else that might threaten your anonymity.

So, no excuses.

Previous check-in: February 2018


Pardon the late-but-technically-still-sort-of-on-time thread. Not sure where the month went.

Snapped after training at home in an overheated and unventilated garage, hence the “whoops, sleeves fell off” shirt. Been floating around the 204-208 range when I check lately.


Not the best… Rep 1 of 130kg EMOM x 10 minutes.


605 deadlift on my 32nd birthday.


These are technically super late July photos/videos, but close enough.

Went to Disneyland and got to take my traditional Sword in the Stone photo

To contrast with my shot from last year (at Disneyworld, to explain the different angles/stone)


And I won a strongman competition as well




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Your arms and shoulders are looking leaner and bigger. How has training been?

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Thanks man. Training has been good, especially for the cycle leading up to that competition. Was originally entered as a middleweight at 231lbs, since lightweight was set at 175 and I didn’t want to cut. Started the training cycle at 189 and put on about 12lbs before they announced they’d up lightweight to 200, so just eased back down to mid 190s. An unplanned bulk and cut, haha.

Volume was through the ROOF during that time, but figured out a solid approach to eating that allowed me to put on not much fat.

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Here iyam. Lost about 19lbs now and putting the focus back on strength. I’m getting stronger without getting fat and that makes my heart feel super happy :blush:.
Lifting has been better than ever for me so I’m very excited about what the future has in store !!


I hit a 425 belt-less double paused dead which is the not that heavy (I belted up and continued working up), but by far the most weight I’ve handled belt-less in a very long time. I’m finally back to 100% confidence in my back.


hello erryone.

Just some highlights from my strongman comp last week.


That’s an awesome deadlift evemt! Hope the barrels didn’t break haha


It was fun, but the bar was so whippy that it was going all over the place. Cant tell you how many people fell over or got turned completely around.

The guy handmade all the implements for this show, it was awesome. All barrels survived


Training very much for “size” over strength, but still featuring lifts that will serve me experience for my end goal
And here’s a video of me fArMeRs WaLk-ing for community lols


Man, what an awesome looking show. You killed that loading medley too. Good stuff dude!

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Thanks man I appreciate it! This was the second show I did that was run by these guys, they do a fantastic job.

Come on guys, not very many participating in this thread which is semi disappointing.

Here more so for the performance these were taken before and after my vacation


My IG is private, but here’s a video of my deadlift posted from my gym

Also adding a Squat Video: