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Aug '17 Photo/Video Check-In

Well this is a couple of weeks old, but I think I’m doing good for having a stroke a year ago. Let’s see if I can set some new pr’s this year. I turn 55 this weekend.



Looking good, brohim. How is your health now? All good?


I’m doing great, thanks for asking!

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Just to show that I’m still training, I have a video of me training technique on my stone of steel for triples

I don’t really have anything recent that is noteworthy otherwise. I’ll be 2 years post ACL repair in Nov, and things seem to be moving along well.


My goal is to surpass my previous best shape, so I’m trying to get a bit leaner AND build a bit of thickness and width up top.

I’ve been nailing my intake targets for about three months now. About two weeks ago, I made a pretty big shift in my lifting style. I’m doing a TON of horizontal pushing and pulling now.

Averaging about 189lbs these last few weeks, but reaping some noob recomp from the shifting of the lifting. 5’11".


Slow and steady with a few steps forward and one or two back every once in awhile…

Still nothing pretty but I feel about 15-20 years younger, I’m a lot stronger, and a lot faster. Over the past few months I’ve been focused on tracking and improving my diet - more quality fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats. My goals have shifted a bit from worrying about strength, scale weight, and appearance to improving my overall diet and health (obviously the aforementioned are still used as measuring sticks). I’d still like to get to a big three total of 1,200 (current 1,085) in the next 2 years while being able to run a sub 6 minute mile (current 7:25).

tnation - aug 2017 update


Nothing too good but I did a 190kg farmer walk.


Well, I guess so :slight_smile:


Couple of things I’m excited about, the last workout of my bench cycle I got 145lbs for a sloppy single that made me feel like I def had a few more pounds in me, and at the end of my last squat cycle I got 215lbs for a couple of doubles.
I remember not too long ago I was super nervous to do my first single at 215, now I did doubles without even feeling like I needed or wanted a spot. Slow and steady !! :smiley:


Nothing earth shattering, but I’m still grinding, 415x3 is the most I’ve had on the bar since my hamstring/tricep injuries and it felt good, need to re-tool my form as I’ve gotten rusty, but it moved better than I expected.


The Oly lifts can really mess with your head. True story, I missed a 110kg clean and got so pissed I kicked the BB and broke the nail off my big toe. Darn lucky I didn’t break the damn thing.


Awesome work everyone! Here’s a grind with 220kg/484lbs. Only the second time I’ve done it without straps.


Uh oh–did you watch the ‘Ring’ tape?

(Pop culture reference decipherable only if you’ve seen the movie)

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440lbs is 200kg. 220kg is 484lbs.

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Those are really, really good guesses. But no.

As for why I mentioned the movie, here’s a relevant still. As an aside, IMO the movie is well worth watching, assuming you like scary/creepy movies that rely on plot to carry the load (as opposed to slasher-type movies, which rely on gore):

Edit: /derail


Nice to see everyone putting in some serious work!! I’ve been here for quite some time but rarely post. I figured I’d share my progress just because. In the picture below, on the left I weighed 194 on the right (which is the state I’m currently in) I’m around 172. Still not done though I would definitely like to drop more weight, maybe around 10lbs or so. This was all done in just under three months time. Oh before I forget, yeah, my height, I’m 5-6".


Injuries suck. But the best ones are at least colourful (yeah there’s a “u” I’m Canadian). Keep lifting.

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Indeed. I remember the biceps tear. You answered a lot of dumb lifting questions for me back in the day.

Great to see you back and doing so well, Stu!

Good spot! It was 220kg/484lbs.

Thanks my dear. It’s been a long road in so many ways and it’s so far from done. There’s some major challenges popping up soon (if you’re curious ask in my Training Log and we can chat). Hopefully though I can stick with the awesome lifting through it all.