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Auf Widersehen Kraut Team!

In one of the most lopsided and boring world cup finals, Brazil routed germany 2-0. Oliver Kahn, the german goalie, aka the human wall, was renamed the human percolator. Germany lost its fourth cup final, earning the dubious distinction of being the biggest chokers in cup history. Rudi Voeller, the german coach said “Our team had trained as automatons, duty bound to sacrifice their individuality for the aryan racial collective. It’s an embarrasment to lose to those brazilan darkies. Our problem is that the frauleins are so ugly and so many of our men are becoming gay that our population is declining, thus reducing our pool of prospective good players. Where was the fan with the knife to take care of Ronaldo?”

Lopsided?, did you even watch the game?, Germany had Brazil on the ropes in the 1st half and the beggining of the 2nd. Nobody expected Germany to do well and getting to the final is a great acheivement with such low expectations. Still a little bitter after the same kraut team sent the U.S. home are we? I’m no fan of Germany but many were glad to see them beat U.S.A for sprouting racist bullshit like you are doing now, and as for those darkies, Gerald Asamoah was the darkest man on the pitch and he wore a German shirt, I rest my case.

Mindless racism at its best from complete pricks with no knowlege or facts to back up thier racist bullshit. Its no wonder some of the Germans say what they say on this forum. Can we please put a stop to this racist bullshit, jeez can’t we keep it lightheated beacuse nobody win racial arguements, it just insult after insult from people who feel nothing but hate. Fucking morons.

Hmmmm, I see enough bate here for me to launch a full scale offensive on the U.S.A and everything it stands for. However i’m not going to do that beacuse all this racist bullshit is just getting plain boring and i’m through with it. One thing I will say is Gerald Asamoah??? one of the new generation of ‘African-Germans’. I know you all like to think were still stuck in the 1940s fighting to re-elect the Nazi party but it’s time to wake up and get with the times. In 2006 world cup you can look forward to seeing the emergence of the African-German football generation : Francis Bugri, David Odonkor, Daniel Obeliage and of course Asamaoh. It may shock you to hear that Germany is a multi-cultural society more so than Scandanavia, Belgium, Spain, Italy etc.
The whole of Germany is proud of the team and look forward to an exciting future with the talented youngsters we have i’m sorry to dissapoint you but Germany is very pleased with the team beacuse we didn’t expect to get nearly this far. We are all proud no matter what ass-holes say beacuse your just jealous otherwise you wouldn’t bother writing in, 2nd best team in the world? I sure as hell can live with that!

The only jealous assholes are you! If the US placed an embargo on your respective countries, your economies would collapse in less than a week. And if we ever go down, you’ll go down twice as much. We own you. Whether you like it or not, we are number 1 where it counts.

As far as the racist comments made, I am not sure whether it is sarcasm or no; I am not going to react to that and rant and go on and on . . .

I will chime in as an American with German roots and while dissappointed with the USA loss to Germany, was happy to see Voeller’s side do as well as they did. Hell, this is a team who many months ago lost to Engalnd 5-1 and were not even sure of qualification!! Chokers?? I think not! Here they are surpassing all expectations and earning second place. Kahn was punished for his one mistake, but he was the lynchpin which got his team this far and shows no signs of slowing down.

As far as the “darkies” (I guess I did chime in after all) while Asamoah does not look the traditional German, Henry, Davids or Campbell do not look like traditional French, Dutch or English players but their contributions are welcomed by supporters and media alike. With immigration and globalization this is a trend that will continue.

I also feel the game was not lopsided or boring. Given that finals can be stodgy affairs, this one packed quite a bit of excitement . . . though I wish the result had been different!!

Asamoah is clearly the best player in the german team. Yet, he gets in the game at the 77th minute? and germans are not racists?

OK, I’ve had about enough of this bullshit. First of all Dagenham and Joachem the original post showed no where that it was written by an American, even though it probably was. That being said I have one more thing to say. All these different threads where everyone wants to bicker about stupid shit. “Our soccer team is better”, “our economy is better” SHUT UP and learn to get along. You’re all like a bunch of little kids argueing over who dad is tougher. Grow up.

Mack, God, I admire you. I was going to post a response on this thread. However, since reading your post, I have grown up. Therefore, I will refrain from posting.

Although I am a huge fan of Asamoah he still is not the best German forward, he is 23 and inexperienced compared to Neuville who has played consistantly in the champions league and Klose who is Germanys number 1 forward valued at at least $30 million. This is not racism but priming Asamoah for future greatness and he is first choice for his club Schalke 04 in Germany so get your facts streight before accusing racism. Every German club has many African players and South Americans and they really enhance the league and they are adored by fans alike.

This really is vintage bullshit. America owns Great Britian?, yeah right, we’d all be eating sand and drinking or own piss if America stopped dropping aid on our shores.
You fucking politicly incorrect twat, America may give money to third world countrys but U.K and Germany? christ you really are as dumb as you sound. No way in hell do the fucking stars and stripes own anyones asses other than those poor bastards you bombed in Afganistan. And before the rest of you bulldoze in with your comments I was provoked to say that by the bullshit that some people think America still runs the econemys of mainland Europe. No wonder you piss off so many nationalities when you incorrectly say America owns your ass, bunch of wankers spouting bollocks!

Would you like to back up your assertion that Asamoah is the best player on the German team? As far as strikers go, Klose and Neuville both had more goals during the regular season than Asamoah. Since Germany played a 3-5-2 it was only natural that those two got the starts. Asamoah has yet to prove himself as an effective striker. The other four, Jancker, Neuville, Bierhoff, and Klose, have already proved themselves, now it’s Asamoah’s turn.

What is an “econemys?” I was reading your rant about America when I ran across this word. It is bad enough to be a left-wing, liberal, “bollock.” When you add an inability to spell, it just makes you seem ridiculous.
You won’t ever convince me that Great Britain and America are not the closest of allies. Inevitably, there are going to be people who are sour grapes. However, I am pleased with the alliance. Long may it remain.

Look I don’t claim to be a world class speller but havn’t you got better things to do than be a walking smartass speekcheck?