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Audio Discussion: Lyle, Palumbo, Romano


Go to the 85-minute mark. This discussion is fucking awesome!



Nice post, listening now.


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I'm still listening to this fucking interview, I'm gonna be late for my class. lol.

Good stuff though, Lyle is always great to listen to.


It took me two hours to download but i finally got it. thanks, listening now.


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Why are you guys downloading it? Why not just play it?


Personally I like to listen to this stuff during morning cardio. Takes my mind off the cardio.


Good find Thanks.

Hey Brick,

I noticed in another thread that you follow Lyle's diets. I got a couple questions for you. In regard to the RFL diet and to some extent the UD 2.0. His fat recommendations seem low compared to other CKD diets, ie, Body Opus (which ususally gave me great results)the AD, even Thibs' CKD diets. He claims that fat intake doesn't matter as long as you carbs are low enough your body still shifts into fat burning. But according to others if you don't have enough fat your body learns to burn protien for fuel and really doesn't burn much bodyfat. What's your experience on this?

If you don't mind I got another question for you. I been CKDing for 8-9 weeks but I'm metabolically shut down. Morning temp is real low and actually feels like Im gaining fat. Other than taking a break for a week or two any otner ways to kick things into gear? I need to drop another 10 lbs to get to my goal of around 6-7% bodyfat by July 4th.


I've only followed one of Lyle's diets. the RFL diet. I have the UD2 book; I've only read and DON'T plan on implementing a complex training and nutrition program into my life right now; I might never; people on this board know me as a guy who dislikes complication in my HOBBY!

I'm a nutrition professional, a registered dietitian (RD) with degrees in nutrition; I actually am looking for a part-time training gig as we speak as well.

But what I DON'T like is adding complication to my daily life. That's why Bodyopus and UD2 are great READS for me, but don't discuss things I want to apply. So, I think you should ask others experienced in those diets.

I do know the RFL diet like I know the back of my hand (or whatever that dumb saying is). Here's where I can help.

I've heard that line of thinking too: if you don't have enough fat, the body relies on protein for fuel. Perhaps I should know the reality behind this, but I don't!

What I do know is that a protein-modified fast such as the Rapid Fat Loss Diet is as low in carbs as possible and the only intentional fat intake on the diet is 15 grams of flax oil or 6 to 10 grams of fish oil. The rest of the fat comes unintentionally from lean meats; very lean meats have 1 to 3 grams of fat per ounce. I lost a shitload of fat on it.

I can see the reasoning behind having more fat on a low-carb diet that is not a protein-sparing modified fast; if you went higher on calories with that sort of diet, which is higher in calories, you'd be going over your maintenance amount of protein by raising calories with protein compared to a PSMF. I hope this makes sense.

There are ways to kick things into gear: cheat meals, diet breaks, and refeeds. But when you say CKDing, I'm assuming you're saying that you're on what that acronym stands for: CYCLICAL ketogenic diet. Are you on a cyclical ketogenic diet or just a ketogenic diet.

Maybe you're eating too little calories, exercising too much, or doing the wrong types of exercise. Are you on a low-calorie diet and doing too much activity, for example?

Let us know if you have more questions.


Thanks Brick. Yeah I was on a cyclic keto diet carbing up on weekends. Kind of a cross between UD 2.0 and Body Opus. And I wound up doing exactly what you said. That fat loss started slowing down and I panicked. Next thing I knew I was dropping calories even more and doing way too much cardio.

I started losing strength and actually felt like I was putting on fat or retaining water or both. I'm pretty pissed because because I killed myself the past two weeks and in reality I went backwards. I shouldve known better since I've been doing these diets for quite some time.


See, that's what happens; and it's also what Lyle speaks of in the interview: doing too much exercise on a low-calorie diet. Adding more and more exercise only backfires. Duchaine warned of this in Bodyopus too in which he says, "You say, 'I weigh less than when I first started working out. Yes, with a floppy butt too!"


This is a fantastic interview, thanks for posting Brick.



Now that Brick has changed his avatar, I can no longer take him seriously anymore. I'd much rather imagine him screaming about nutrition in a muffled voice with a mask made of someones skin on his head. Now, hes just "normal" with a regular avatar.



The image I have is of an icon that a famous Queens graffiti writer from the 80s used to paint all over. His street name was Mirage.


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Lyle has probably forgotten more about nutrition than I will ever learn.


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