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Audio Book Recommendations

Any recommendations? I need of new stuff for my cardio sessions.

Reading fucking sucks (flame on, I’m being honest and you should to)

‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’

I found it’s principles useful in every area of life, even beyond my career.

I enjoyed No Easy Day by Mark Owen in audio.

Like books you read, it depends on what you enjoy.

I listened to the Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin and loved it. I also listen to a ton of humour by writers like David Sedaris. I’m in the midst of listening the the new Stephen King book 'Sleeping Beauties". The person reading makes a big difference. The woman reading the latest Stephen King on is brilliant.

Audio books are expensive but most public libraries stock thousands of them. You can download them on your phone with the Overdrive app.

I never read or listen to anything for self-improvement. It’s all about entertainment and escapism for me.

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x2 this has been my experience as well.

80% of the books I ‘read’ are audio book. Unless someone’s voice is absolutely horrendous, they all sound the same at 2x speed. I’ve got a neat little set-up with the boss where every book I buy is reimbursed by the company as ‘continuing education’.

This would work well if you’re doing it to educate yourself. For pure entertainment though, I like normal speed; just relax and enjoy it.

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