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Auburn, AL Weightlifting

Dear fellow lifters,

There will be a Weightlifting competition in (or near) Auburn, AL on May 24th. One of the goals is to get a couple more kids qualified for the national schoolage in Orlando, but the competition is open to all ages. Another goal is to promote the sport locally and throughout the state. I will pass along the details as they are finalized. Whether you plan to attend or not, please pass along the info to others who may be interested.


cant go but THANK YOU for organizing a meet in alabama. theyre hard as hell to find around here

Some of the info was edited out. Les Simonton at Auburn University is the organizer. The OP is quoted from an email I received this week.

Here’s his contact info:

Phone: 334-844-1852
FAX: 334-844-1809

Also, we’re planning for a Tactical Strength Challenge here in Decatur but no date is set yet.

Well done Les, always nice to see someone taking some initiative to promote strength sport (in this case Oly lifting). Best of luck!