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ATX Plates & Power Bars


Just wondering if anyone’s had experience with atx iron cast plates and their power bars as I’ve found a deal in Australia that seems reasonable and I’m ready to take the jump to a home gym!


Just so we are all on the same page you’re talking about the “Powerlifting” plates from ATX?

While I haven’t used them personally for what’s it worth they are pretty close to competition specs e.g. dimensions and they are calibrated better than most regular plates so if you’re looking for the feel of training using Eleiko competition discs than it’s gonna be real close for the fraction of the price (how much is it actually I’m a bit curious. link us pls). It’s hard to go wrong with the plates save a manufacturing defect or some shit.

For the bar/s (IIRC there’s several in the powerlifting range so dunno which one you’re referring to exactly) there’s a couple of good bar reviews/comparisons on YouTube and via a google search of ATX bar reviews. Quality control is A1 e.g. uneven thickness, knurling, not up to quoted specs etc.

Some of ATX’s bars are a bit thinner than Eleiko power bars not by much tho like 28.5mm vs 29mm diameter. PSI rating is plenty high enough that you won’t notice the difference unless you pull three fiddy or something.

Anyways conclusion is you pretty much can’t go wrong. It’s pretty close to a full Eleiko comp set up and for the fraction of the price.


I use the ATX ram bar in my gym, I havent noticed a difference to a eleiko bar during my competition. It’s of great quality, for the price its more than worth it.

I can’t talk about the competition plates since i’ve never used those.


Those are the ones! I train with calibrated equipment at a powerlifting gym so im looking for the same feel,
Found 160kg worth of plates and an atx branded bar from Sam’s warehouse for $1190 AUD


They look like the classic Ivanko plates. The chrome finish might flake over time. It won’t make a difference to the weight or feel but doesn’t look good - if that bothers you.

I tried to look on ebay for a used set but couldn’t find anything.


So a pair of blues and two pairs of reds? Are you going to fill in the rest of the weight with cheaper stuff?


Comes with a pair of each plate, I’ll be buying the 25’s on the end of that hoping for a further discount