ATWR Singleply Squat

Over the weekend my training partner and friend Tyler Butcher broke Blaine Sumner’s squat record with an 1140lb squat! The meet was in Eaton, OH thru the APF June 6.

Congrats to Tyler!

Tyler Butcher shared a post on Instagram: "As always, @smitty749 at @eatonbarbell  ran an absolutely fantastic meet. If you have the chance, everyone should do one of his meets. Just phenomenal. Finally got the monkey off my back and broke the ATWR...


Awesome! Congratulations, Tyler! :raised_hands:

Congratulations to your friend!

It’s been awhile since your last update. What has training been like leading up to the record-breaking meet?

I competed last month bench only and went 551-606-650. Red light in opener butt came up. 3 whites the rest of the way.

His training doesn’t change much if thats what your asking. 5s 3s and singles. Added in Hatfield squats this and last cycle.

He partially tore his pec on his opening bench of 733. Got the lift but had to pull a token deadlift to keep the record.