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ATV`s,Dirtbikes etc.....Photo thread

Whats up all? I buy,and sell,ride,and work on these these all the time so i figured I would get the ball rolling…This is my present toy,a 2000 Yamaha Banshee, its a 350c.c. twin cylinder 2 stroke monster…Fast and fun as hell!! I also ride a Honda XR500 which is a little tall for me,but still does not stop me from riding it…Well anyway if anyone else is into quads,bikes etc…please go ahead and post…

Thinking about buying A 2004 Raptor or their 450 racer. Used to ride all summer long when I was a kid. My all time favorite is the Honda 200x , and Tri-Z 250 three wheelers back in the day.

Does this count? I just bought two.

Okay not really, but dammit, I want one!

Dave, I ride a XR400, also in Jersey. Sorry no pictures of it. Where do you ride in jersey, they keep closing the places i’ve ridden in down? We used to ride in the one place called Sarco in the pine barrens that was freaken awesome with two big ass lakes before these pigs started given out tickets.


Duff where you at Bro? I live in south jersey and ride all over the place…ever hear of Chatsworth and the areas around there? anyway let me know,maybe we can all meet up somtime and ride, I have some fellow lifting buddies who all have “toys”

Chris, I guess that counts…Looks like some fun!!C’mon T-mag pays ya the big bucks you can buy a few of those!! haha

Yeah man i used to belong to chatsworth like 2-3 years ago, then it got kinda crowed on weekends so i rode at this place off exit 69 on the parkway. It was some guys property that he would let you ride there if you gave him 10 bucks, and he had a LOT of land, we used to camp out there and have fires and get wasted. Right now i’m goin to school in Glassboro, i usually have my bike when the weather gets nicer and keep it at my friends place. But yeah i’m up for going riding some time when the puddles dry up.


Duff my girl goes to Rowan, i have a place in Winslow,like 20 mins or less from Glassboro if you wanna go with us just PM me it will be cool…later Bro

I rode a 426F until I had to sell the fucker to buy a new house. Now I’m divorced, no bike, rent a house, and my ex rides a new YZF456 (Yamaha racer) just for fun. Oh, and she is 5’6" and about 120#'s (mostly boobs). Where the fuck did I miss out?

does this count as fun wheels? works for me at least…

muslhed1171 : Thats a sad story bro,on the upside is the fact that you have a new girl that size that can actually ride a bike lke that!! I can hardly get my girl to ride on the back with me…Anyway let me know if you want me to kep my eye out on any deals the two of us are only like 4 hrs. from each other,and I`d be glad to hook a T-brother up with a deal…

Smile: Yeah that can count I should have made this thread an “ADULT TOYS” thread but that would have sounded dirty Haha…

“I also ride a Honda XR500 which is a little tall for me”

A Japanese vehicle is too tall for you? :slight_smile:

Nah, just kidding. I’ve never been on an ATV but they look fun as hell. Last week on RAW, STone Cold drove an ATV around the ring while chugging beers, probably trying to play to that redneck demographic…

Sonny, I am 5’9 and trust me that is a big ass bike!! My brother is 6’2 and can put both feet down flat,but with his legs fully extended,as for me I am up on my tippy toes haha…Still does’nt stop me from riding that beast …

Thx Dave. An XR500 is a BIG bike. Love those big bore thumpers!!!

hi guys,
i am looking at getting a new bike in september (a long way off i know) and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the xr400r and the suzuki dr-z400s. i am wanting to use it both on and off road. i have heard good things about both bikes but would like to hear some more opinions.

Bike Boy, in my honest opinion they are both great bikes…I am alittle more partial to Honda over Suzuki but honestly i would think this one is a coin toss and would see which one I could get a better deal on…Hope this helps some

good to know that neither bike is a dog.
i guess i will see what crops up on the used market. thanks dave

This kind is more fun. Cheaper, less noise and you provide the go. This is my 10yo son from a fishing trip we took last summer.

I like this kind of ATV too. Not a bike, but he goes pretty good in the dirt.

NO problem Bikeboy…Just one bike to tell you to steer clear of and that is the Yamaha XT350, My buddy owns one and it sucks at both on and off road,in my opinion it just does’nt do a good job anywhere you ride it…

Nice TME…Only problem for me is that I am so alergic to horses that its not even funny…