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Attn: Xen Nova

Xen, I seem to remember you doing a thing on MMA.tv a few years ago, the somethiing-or-other-Hussar-Experiment, where I believe you were doing a ton of volume and strength work together with your friend who I believe was a trainer, or something like that?

I was just curious how that went(I never saw your results from that). Also, what did you use as benchmarks and indicators of progress, or whatever? Or were you just trying to prove you could do it all at once with no ill effects?

The Winged Hussar Experiment… Yea that was a long time ago. It was with Adam aka the poster “Good Adam”. We named it after adam’s polish heritage.

Adam was a fucking specimen and you really could NOT overtrain him, so I wanted to see how far that would go. It also gave me the opportunity to try out all sorts of shit that we assume is “ideal”.

I ran it concurrently with myself and another buddy who trained at the time (had a fight in TFC not long ago)… but it was really based around Adam. He was a GREAT wrestler but an even better writer, that’s what he eventually pursued.

If you keep up with MMA.tv he committed suicide not too long ago. There were a few “stickies” regarding it, I’m not going to comment on that but I really took it to heart. He was a very dear friend.

The results of it the ‘experiement’ shaped a lot of my current s/c training beliefs for combat sports. He was doing a lot of MMA training with the MMA.tv site owner (Kirik) at the time. So I was able to measure his progress on lifts and see what really caused improvements and didn’t.

Especially with someone like him where I could say “ok do ___________ 3x a day” and he’d actually do it, and record in detail what happened… at first I didn’t believe him but I could really check in with kirik and find out. He really was accomplishing this stuff.

For example… He was overhead pressing 315 at one pt at a bodyweight of 215. I’ve only personally known maybe 3-4 other freaks of nature like that.

Don’t really know if this answered your question but ya thats about it.

Very interesting. What a loss.

so it was more a learning experience than trying to accomplish anything in particular?

Sorry to hear about your friend. That sucks. I used to go to MMA.tv religiously, but have been sporadic for a while now; I missed that, or else didn’t connect it when I saw it.

It was kind of a super soldier project lol. We wanted to see how far we could push certain stuff. I ended up being able to do a sick amount of pullups in a row…and my work capacity skyrocketed. Adam had a sick overhead press and deadlift. Nick went from chubby kid to fucking endurance phenom.

We all had a fight and a grappling competition subsequently at the end to mark progress. we all won by a large margin but came to the conclusion that what improved progress the most:

Mobility/Flexibility work for recovery, injury prevention, and work capacity.

train your legs. whether it was squatting like 4x50, sprinting a shitload, or just doing singles. the stronger our legs got in whatever manner the better we performed.

improve your work capacity progressively. Start with just an extra session of mobility work, move to bands, move to sled work, move to light jogging, then maybe bodyweight stuff, and keep progressing till you can either do full out combat sport training or lifting.

Even if you never add another session fully…or you only do so for maybe 2 week bursts… you’ll recover SO much faster just because you’re used to doing a lot more.

the more we trained or technique the better we fought, trained, and conditioning improved. Lol it seems so “duh” but if we spent more time in the weightroom, or focused more on getting stronger, better conditioned, etc… The effects on actually fighting are severely overstated…

The most important thing was to get more reps in on the mat/pads. Unless you have flawless technique, 80+% of your time should be dedicated to improving technique before you’re REALLY going to see results from all the strength training that make a difference in your fight.

Of course imo you should train both simultaneously for multiple reasons

injury prevention/imblancements
so you’re not at a severe strength deficit
improve test/gh

But the majority of your time should be spent combat training unless you’re REALLY good at fighting already…

Shit. I thought someone was calling Xen out.


AdamfromConn is truly missed

^^there ya go, you know who it is…(elliot)

and analog_kid… no one will call me out lol. Everytime someone attempts to I usually send them a PM right away before shit gets out of hand and don’t even address them on the forum till after they respond to a PM. I’ve given the addresses of gyms that I’ll be at and when I’ll be there, no one ever shows up. Fact of the matter is most “internet gangstas” back down so quickly when confronted it reboots their server.