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ATTN: War Roomers!


Civilian worm here. Interested in current para selection standards in Western democracies.

Particularly interested in answers from:

Britain/Germany/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa

but also from

United States and other Western democracies

Question: If 'Captain Jack' intends to navigate with a map and compass through 20 miles of unfamiliar, very bad terrain wearing a 40lbs+ backpack/bergen as fast as he possibly can, how long should it take him?

Terrain: Dense scrub/bush, steep gradients and machete required to clear path(Blue Mountains National Park off the tracks, NSW Australia)


A day.


Are/were you a para/SFs? What do you mean by a day?


Hahahahahahahahaha and what is not safe work (NSW) Australia?


Lol wut?


I'm here to ruin your joke. Enter Captain Joke Ruiner! It's New South Wales (a province? state? prefecture? region? tribal territory? in Australia)


Great, thanks everyone. Anyone here to answer the question? I mean someone who's actually been through selection for paras/SFs?

And for those who don't know, Australia is a big island in the southern hemisphere(bottom half of the world). New South Wales is one of its states. The Blue Mountains National Park is part of the 'great dividing range'. The third longest mountain range in the world and a place where idiots in fancy hiking boots regularly get lost and die of hypothermia/thirst.


This entire website is a fucking goldmine for the lulz


Sounds about right.


Another para? They seem to be everywhere on this forum. The British para regiment must be a divisional sized unit by now. Most just visit this thread for the 'lolz' apparently.

A day sounds about right? Not if a day means 24 hours. Forced marches through that kind of terrain at night time are a big no no for starters. I would imagine <6 hours is more realistic based on selection information available, i.e. 20 Mile endurance march across the Beacons. I am wondering what the 'current standards' are, and in the above mentioned countries.

Thanks for the bumbs BTW. 'Lolz'.


Don't know how dense the Beacons are, but I doubt anyone is moving through heavy vegetation for 20 miles at any decent amount of speed. For reference, Delta Force takes all day for the 40-miler (you start in the dark and end in the dark), but a good portion of that is roads and trails.

And I don't know about the rest of the Coalition nations (Brit/Belg/etc), but 'Paras' in the U.S. don't have any type of selection course. You go to basic, Infantry school, Airborne, and get orders to an Airborne Division.

And to preempt any slack-jawed Army Airborne pukes who want to talk about how badass they are, I've been to Airborne school, and any course that graduates 3-400 people per class (including chicks and college kids) is NOT a selection course. No disrespect to what they do (somebody has to do the conventional jobs), but SF it ain't.


Thanks for the info. We don't have chicks in 3rd Battalion RAR here in Australia. Training includes static line jumps from as low as 200 feet, stretcher bearing races and forced marches. That's why I said I'm more interested in replies from Britain/Germany/Aus/NZ/SA.

Also, I'm aware that SFs selection is way more hardcore but many of the Delta/SAS guys have been through the paras first.