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I’m convinced that you are THE authority on dieting & because i will be starting the tdawg diet soon, ive been reading all your posts. i noticed that you constantly refer to a ‘strict carb-up.’ could you describe what exactly you do for this & why it is strict? my six-pack-to-be and i would appreciate it. thanks!

just refreshing the thread…

Stephen, while I appreciate your kind words, I cannot take credit for being an authority on this, as everything I’ve achieved on the CKD has basically come from others (Lyle McDonald, Duchaine, Poliquin). I’m simply someone who has used the CKD with great success. Anyway, basically on a good carb-up I try to minimize fructose/sucrose intake as this can delay re-entry into ketosis. Also, I tried not to over do the carbing-usually around 700 g. divided into 12 meals. This is dependent on your bodyweight, LBM and whatnot. I had much better success with Lyle McDonald’s calculations for a carb-up than Duchaine’s. T-Dawg’s carb-up approach requires much less effort, but I don’t feel the results are near as good unless you have good insulin sensitivity, which I don’t. I haven’t used the CKD since January-right now I am experimenting with Berardi’s Don’t Diet. The main reason being I was having trouble controlling my carb-ups on a consistent basis. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. If you want more info on the CKD check out Lyle McDonald’s book. FWIW I used the German Body Comp training program combined with the CKD and it worked quite well, although this depends on your recovery ability.