Attn teddykgb

You seem rather knowledgeable in regards to training and dieting for fat loss. ive read many of your posts and you always mention that you have used a “cyclic ketogenic diet.” could you elaborate?? im very interested. thanks

Hi Karl. A cyclic ketogenic diet is simply a low carb phase alternated with a carb-loading period. Mine consists of 5-6 days keeping carbs under 30 g/day, then 24 hrs. of eating high carbs, either eating strictly every two hours or if I’m a little unmotivated, just eating whatever I want whenever I want for the 24 hrs. Basically you keep your carbs low to induce ketosis, which is a very low blood sugar level that shifts the body’s metabolism away from glucose and instead uses fat. The carb-up phase replenishes lost glycogen to avoid/minimize muscle loss. There are many versions, including Atkins, the Anabolic diet, BodyOpus, Lyle McDonald’s, and newer plans such as T-Dawg and Fat Fast. I used the CKD for my last diet phase combined w. German Body Comp and the results were amazing. I am now experimenting w. a CKD for mass gain based on some of Charles Poliquin’s recommendations-the main differences being a much higher protein intake, a slightly higher carb level and carbing every five days instead of once a week. It’s only been 10 days but it’s going well so far. I am very carb-sensitive and seem to function better w. a lower carb approach, but this is very individual.