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Attn: teddykgb, GBC

You replied to my post a few days ago regarding GBC and twice a days…thanks for the advice. When you did GBC, did you take all of the sets to failure? Also, how many days a week did you train? thanks

Basically I tried to get the target rep range with the same weight on each set. So generally the first set on each exercise was never to failure unless it was due to external factors (lack of sleep the night before, etc) . Since I started this program, I have not done more than 3x/week, on a M-W-F format. Yes, I know that the intermediate plan calls for 4x/week but this is more than I can handle, particularly since I have been doing GBC with a cyclic ketogenic diet approach the last three weeks. Surprisingly I am still slightly going up in poundages from workout to workout, although I start to drag arse by the Friday workout due to the lack of carbs. I’m happy to say that I have just achieved an all-time best condition in terms of bodyfat and LBM maintenance, largely due to GBC and not having to do a second of cardio. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.