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Attn: Sled Draggers!


a request and a question:

  1. If you have a sled, could someone send me some pictures close-up? Top view, side view, back view, and such? I'm looking at building my own but I have no really good pics to go by.

  2. Has anyone built their own? If so, do you have plans or a materials list to help me along?

Thanks much!


You can make one out of a lot of things. Mine is literally a plastic kiddy sled that I filled with weights and attached a chain to so I can hook to my best.

I've heard of people welding and even using tires with a piece of board on one side.

Be creative.


I'm looking at doing one pretty much like the commercial ones - welded steel tubing, etc. I can afford to take my time, since I won't be switching programs until after February.



With the help of a friend (and perhaps more importantly his welding equipment!), I made one last year. I'll try to post a picture here. I can take close-ups and such if you want - PM me with an email address and I'll sort it out.

It's pretty easy though: a piece of steel for the base, about 1/16 thick or so, bent up at an angle to stop it catching. To that, weld a darn pipe in the middle; diameter such that Oly plates can fit on it, long enough to take as much weight as you think you can handle (I can DL a helluva lot more than I can drag). I also welded two small angle iron to the base - simply to allow me to lift the first weight on and off and still get my pinkies underneath. Finally, drill a hole in each corner, and use strong steel clips to attach chain / rope and you're all set.

To say the least, this is a very unsophisticated piece of fitness equipment. :slight_smile:

(Note: I'm away on travel tomorrow onwards, including attending the D.C. conference, so it might take me a few days to respond to a request for detailed pictures, but I am more than happy to do it).

Posting the picture might take me an attempt or two to get the size right...




[quote]El_Animal wrote:
Mine is literally a plastic kiddy sled that I filled with weights and attached a chain to so I can hook to my best.

I am glad you wrote that, I was wondering how that would work, but I felt pretty silly asking about it? Does it work? Is a kiddy sled durable enough to drag weight?
The advantage I see with something like this over a more traditional sled is the variety of ballast. On the traditional sleds, it looks like it has a post, so you need to add plates. A kiddy sled is cupped, so you can pretty much throw anything in it (sandbags, dumbells, wifes, girlfriends, training partners)