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Attn: Prohormone Experts

Bill or anyone who knows - How long after trying mild doses of norandrosol spray (three sprays morning only) should I wait if I decide to get pregnant again? I may not actually try for another child, but if I did, how long should I wait to be on the safe side?


With such a small dose, I wouldn’t think that you would have to wait all that long. I am willing to bet that a couple of months is more than long enough.
Here is an interesting note: Nandrlone is found naturally in human placentas.

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I’m probably not going to have another child, but I’d like to know the answer just in case. Any experts wanna comment?

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Using Nandrosol heavily during conception won’t harm the fetus. Nandrosol clears your system in a week, and the developing fetus won’t have any steroid receptors for weeks. But, why ever would you want to have ANOTHER child? Isn’t your life miserable enough already?

Mike - I hope that was supposed to be your attempt at humor. Otherwise, that was pretty low.