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Attn: Prof, AA, HELP


i would appreciate responses
from ProfX, AA, and all of the other known experienced guys on here..

i am re-evaluating my goals as a lifter..please come with all honest criticisms and ideas..

i am 6'3 and between 185-190 depending on the part of the day..i feel i have put on decent size considering where i started..although i recently hit a major plateau that i cant get out of...i got a body fat test done a couple weeks ago it was 17.2% (i thought i was MUCH lower- in the range of 10-12)..i find it peculiar because i still have a very apparent 6-pack..i have never measured my arms...right now my max bench is 255, i do 5x5 on weighted dips at bodyweight +70lbs, 5x5 deadlift at 210, and 3x8 squats at 225...anyway, my question is:

what weight do all of you think i would look respectable at, and with what body fat percentage, and comment on the above info.. etc...






You should already know I put little faith in caliper tests. I have told the same story over and over about a frat brother who got read at 17% even though he was very lean and you could see his abs. He actually got a little depressed about it. This was after thinking he looked great before he got his measurements read. You don't look to be out of shape from your picture. Your shoulders look wide even though you are just starting. I have one friend your height who was trying to get into modeling a couple of years back. He weighed about 225-230lbs. While he wouldn't impress too many "hardcore" bodybuilders, he was filled out at that weight and he looked like he lifted. Based on that, if you are asking what I think the goal should be, I would say around that weight or higher. There is no way I would recommend you diet at this point even though your picture is only from the back.


After seeing the other pictures, I seriously doubt you are 17%. Even more important, PEOPLE PUT TOO MUCH EMPHASIS ON A BF% NUMBER. You are lean and you are thin. According to some on this forum, based on the number alone they would have you diet. They couldn't be more wrong.


looks like your scapulae are a bit winged and the humeri rotated internally maybe, I recently fixed those problems on myself and my shoulders are much wider looking, and my lats (which are really developed for my size) also seem wider.

just keep it up man, you DEF dont look 17% bf


all you gotta do is focus on getting stronger over time. build a solid foundation. if your lifts are going up over time, you're headed in the right direction. it's harder to see that one pound of LBM you put on that month than it is to see the 10 pounds you added to the bar.


Well, if respectible means well built, then I'd say you're looking for another 20lbs. I doubt you are at 17%bf, so don't pay that any mind. You are tall and thin, however, so you must put the calories away along with intense training. I believe that tuning your diet to give you building blocks for size is where you need the most focus. Usually a plateau happens when you have stalled in progressing your diet and/or training. Seems now you eat enough to just maintain? I'd try an honest effort at upping your macros for at few weeks and see if you get stronger.


Were you holding a shoe during the measurement? I know that can affect the accuracy.


ive heard that before, is there any specific way i can fix that problem without adding too much volume to my workouts? (trying to avoid large volume for hypertrophy)


okay i feel better lol...im just not gonna get any more of those tests done i guess they are worthless


so you suggest i up the protein/carb intake? i havent been able to purchas anymore protein in the past month because a few unexpected expenses came up..but after i take care of that i am going to buy some protein, and fish oils..lately iveconsumed lot of cottage cheese, milk, pizza, and meat...i find it hard to eat alot of calories though, without resorting to junk food. are you aware of any calorie-dense, but healthy food that i could benefit from?


i read alot of people saying that and quite honestly i dont get the joke, if there is a joke, or why they say it..lol


Prof X is right on. Who cares what your percent is? Do you like the way you look? That's all that matters. Based on these photos, you're not 17% bodyfat.


Eric Cressey wrote these shoulder articles that may help. Here's the first one:


Nuts and/or peanut butter.


How do you make that assessment based on two shitty pictures?


I think you should really focus on deadlifts. Your bench is respectable but at your height, you should be pulling in the 300 easily. If you really concentrate on deads and eat right, you'll see a lot of growth.


You have to check this out- http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=868493&pageNo=0


let me guess, some personal trainer administered this test on you in some gym?