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Attn: Patricia

I have but one simple request. If you wouldn’t mind, would you be terribly opposed to the idea of mailing me a loose hair strand or somesuch? For cloning purposes, of course. The evidence damning you to the charge of being quite possibly the coolest female I’ve ever encountered in any medium is overwhelming. I offer but a sample: 1. You like Star Trek. 2. You like movies. 3. You like movie trivia. 4. You’re a passionate artist. 5. You read T-Mag. 6. Crickey, you’re a T-Vixen! Now, I could continue with illustrations, but I believe I’ve made my point. However, if you should feel the need to decline, I grudgingly understand. My only consolation is that Ko seems to be quite a cool fellow. Superior females with fools is incredibly irritating, but with a T-Man, it’s cool. Anyhow, that’s all. Oh, and… go Beavs!

Pat (michelle too) reminds me of Cameron Diaz in “Something about Mary” – A cool chick that will put up with your stupid friends, go to the game with you, and can understand your uniquely male B.S. Nice to know they are really out there.

Michelle’s a cool customer and so is Stella. To be in the same league with them is an honor. And I’d sit and have beers with them anyday.

Huck, Michelle doesn’t just put up with my stupid male friends, she enjoys their company. And she lets me lounge around in my undies without bustin’ my balls.

Um…heh heh…thanks dude!

blush Aw, shucks… thanks.

Patricia, you let me know when you're gonna be in the neighborhood and we'll go to the brewery where they make my favorite local brew - Saranac!

Oh, and Ike, I think Ko would rather the world have just one of me - and I think I’d agree with that! Talk about a possible “Twilight Zone-y” occurance - YIKES!!! And Ko doesn’t lounge around enough at home in his undies…:slight_smile:

Dude – Did you just say you wear “undies”? LOL

Patricia I think you’re not understanding the potential here. Pat 1 prepping for contest, Pat 2 drinking BEER. Pat 1 busting ass in gym, Pat 2 drinking MORE BEER .Pat 1 winning contest and then drinking BEER, Pat 2 drinking BEER toast to Pat 1. Sounds like win-win to me, go for it.

Sorry everyone for post-jacking but… Michelle: Have you ever tried Ubu ale? It comes in a huge jug, old school style,Its made around the same area as Saranac. Saranac is awesome too… their amber is my personal favorite.

Hey, beer is a good subject to get “sidetracked” on ANYDAY! hee hee. Patricia :slight_smile:

To beer! The cause - and solution - to all of life’s problems. - Home Simpson

Well if your going to clone Patricia, could I get a clone (copy) myself? Someone that busts their ass in the gym, drinks beers, and admits to watching star trek, could be fun to have around. So if are any extra clones, Im down for one, maybe two :slight_smile:

Don’t forget, Patricia also likes action movies, Sci-Fi, and comic books. Natt the Hat

Would you guys give it a rest. You are going to make thing really dificult for me. I might have to start baking cookies every week.

Uh, yeah, undies. What do you call them at your house?

And them chocolate chip cookies were goood. NOW, it’s time to try baking some snickerdoodles (best damn cookie in the world). Eating snickerdoodles, while looking at comic books, watching a sci fi flick, while drinking some beers after a hard session at the gym. Sounds too good…Patricia :slight_smile:

Your 1-3 reasons to think she is the coolest are ridiculous. A lot of geeks like Star Trek and movies. Not that she’s a geek or a movie dork or trekkie. And for beer…well I am not surprised by the fact that you people love test mag, but endulge in a beverage that considerably lowers testosterone. Now, I’m going to go out and see actual human beings, can you guys believe that?? I would tell you to get a job, but I realize that this is what most “chatters” do at work.

Unmentionables. What else?

Ever heard of sarcasm? Those three items are just some of the many qualities that make Patricia a great catch. As far as drinking beer, some of us are not worried about our Testosterone dropping a point or two because we have PLENTY. If any one needs to get a life it’s you.