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Attn: Older Lifter

A few weeks ago, you made a post regarding your neck training. You said that you use a football helmet to which you’ve attached a pipe. I was wondering how exactly you managed to make this contraption. Did you drill through the helmet or did you set up some sort of strap? I’d like to try this, but I wouldn’t know the best way to construct the device. Thanks for your help.

Hi, Nate. I did a search on “football helmet” under the Subject search engine for the forum and found the thread. Older Lifter’s instructions are as follows:

Okay. Get a hold of a football helmet, a 3/4" floor flange and a six inch 3/4 inch nipple (see the plumping section at Home Depot). Take the flange over to the hardware department and get 4 3/4 inch flat head screws, matching fender washers, lock washers and self locking nuts. Position the flange on the top center of the helmet and attach. Make sure that you don’t damage the padding inside the helmet. Screw in nipple. Now you can slide regular size weights (1" hole) do the pipe and secure in place with a collar. Best of Luck.

Tampa-Terry: Thanks. I never even thought of searching for “football helmet.” I tried “Older Lifter” and “neck”, but obviously to no avail. Thanks.