Attn : Nate Dogg (Regarding Renegade training)

Hey nate dogg, i remember reading you talk about how doing renegade training will help burn fat and get the body in shape in a short period of time… can you tell me specifically what and how… I’m interested in burning a lot of fat, so i can feel much more muscular and have more muscularity. thanks

Geo, check out Coach Davies articles “Fat to Fire” and “Renegade Bodybuilding” for a complete program. These programs are great for someone new to Renegade Training because the volume is a little lower than his real programs geared for athletes. Also, if you don’t think they are intense enough, check out some of the old forum workouts that Coach Davies posted last year. I believe they can be found under Renegade Training, Renegade Training 2.0, Renegade Training 3.0, Renegade Training 3.1 and Renegade Training 4.0. Coach Davies posted workouts for nearly 8 weeks. These workouts are tough! I did them last year for about 2 1/2 months and went from 16 percent to 11 percent bodyfat. My conditioning also improved, and I felt awesome. But the program was so intense that I felt overtrained after that period of time. I cut back, tried a few other things, and went back to Renegade Training 7 weeks ago. I’m not getting as lean as quickly as I did last year because I’m not doing a program as intense as the ones posted on the forum. But I have leaned up a little bit in the last few weeks without losing scale weight. And my conditioning is greatly improved. So check those articles out! I’d recommend starting with them, and moving onto the stuff posted on the forum and then maybe into one of the Coach’s sport specific programs. I’m waiting for his new stuff for xtreme sports since I also mountain bike and my girlfriend just got me a pair of aggressive in-line skates for Christmas! Let me know if you have any questions!

Do you think the “overtrained” feeling you got might have not been as bad if you had been on Mag-10 during the time? How do you think your results might have changed? I’ve been looking at different workouts than GSP-2 for some future M10 cycles, and was thinking about some of the Renegade programs.

I’m sure MAG-10 could definitely help, but I also think it was the fact that my training was never like that before. And when you go all out on a Renegade program like posted on the forum, you may become burned out quickly. Once I lowered the volume, I felt much better. And the programs Coach Davies wrote for T-mag are not as brutal (but still very tough and will make you work!). Coach had posted workouts from his “Archaic” series. So they were meant for athletes, not someone brand new to Renegade Training. So yes, I got quick results, but it worked me beyond what I had ever done. For someone new to Renegade Training, I’d start with Fat to Fire, then go with the Renegade Bodybuilding program. From there, check out some of the other stuff he has available. I believe Coach will be doing another VIP program similar to the email one he had last year. So there may be posted workouts again. Those are probably going to be somewhere between what he wrote for t-mag and what he gives his athletes! So I’m looking forward to that in addition to the new xtreme sports stuff!

One more thing. I had thought about using MAG-10 in the future while using Renegade Training. I think that if you’re training Renegade Style and using heavier weights during your program, or doing a cycle with a lot of volume, the MAG-10 would probably help you gain some mass and keep training hard and feeling totally jacked up for a few weeks. If it was available and I had used it last year while training, I think it could have helped me with the overtraining. I’m not sure if it would have just postponed the feeling longer, or would have actually helped my body adjust and handle the volume easier.

Cool man. Thanks for the guidance.

No problem bro. Give it a try and let me know how it works. I may try MAG-10 in the future once I start using heavier weights in my Renegade Training.