Attn Mr Roberts et al; thyriod probs

A blood test revealed a borderline/low thyroid function (ie low T4 and high TSH).

Are there any “natural” supplements or methods of improving thyroid function?

Does steroid use have adverse effects on the thyroid?

Thanks for any advice/info.

Now I’m not trying to give any medical advice as I am not an expert like Mr. Roberts but this was a pretty big area of interest to me a while back. When I first read Dan Duchaine’s Bodyopus book I became obsessed w. his chapter on optimizing thyroid levels. I kept track of morning body temp as he said optimally it should be 97.8-98.2. Mine was anywhere from high 96 to low 97. I had mine tested and it was normal but toward the low end. Anyway, I wasn’t satisfied so I dug around to find something to boost it. There are lots of supplements that can aid in boosting T4 but not so many that have a real effect on T3 which is your active thyroid hormone (although T4 converts to T3 if I’m not mistaken). Here are some you might look into: gugglesterones, phosphate, kelp (only real useful if iodine deficient), tyrosine, and of course triac if you can get your hands on it but I don’t recommend this one as it can be dangerous (it was pulled for a reason, you know). There are blends of the above ingredients such as Prolab’s Metabolic Thyrolean (used to be recommended by Will Brink but may have been so due to endorsement w. Prolab). It seemed to help me lose fat quicker (added it to ECA stack after the effects diminished) but I wasn’t smart enough to monitor my body temp to see if there was any appreciable increase. I’ve read in a couple of places that the 7-Keto DHEA might be pretty good at boosting T3 but it’s hard to find (Twinlab and Enz. Therapy are the only ones making it that I know of), expensive in the recommended doses for weight loss) and I haven’t talked to anyone who has tried it.

I have used 7-keto with the standard EC protocol and must say it
makes a substantial difference----IMO.
Somebody really ought to offer it in bulk.
Unfortuantely, the half-life is very short (I think 2.5 hrs) . ONe would think multiple dosing would further intensify the effect.

From what I have read I’m pretty sure it elevates T3, upregulates the liver’s thermogenic enzymes and has no effect on TSH or other hormones for that matter. Could be a good product to use until TML2 or whatever comes out.

It has other benefical qualities as well such as immune support and memory enhancement. Current prices are ridiculous somewhere along the lines of 20 dollars for 1.5 grms. Maybe somebody who is smart or sneaky will come out with a transdermal. This would fix the half life problem and maybe make it a realistic option. maybe! .001%

I thought low thyroid function was indicated by LOW tsh? I don’t know, just curious…

You would think that’s how it works, but high TSH actually means you have low thyroid.

Hey t, TSH normally stimulates the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone. If the thyroid isn’t functioning properly and thyroid hormone levels are low, the body responds by producing more TSH in an attempt to stimulate the thyroid.

thank you for the help fella’s. just by way of additional info, the reason i went to the doc’s was because for a while now i’ve been fatigued a lot of the time and thought that i might have some kind of low-level virus in my blood.

He ran a series of tests and the only results of any significance were the thyroid and blood testosterone ie white blood cell count normal, liver functions normal, blood complement normal, etc.

the results for the thyroid were (sorry but not sure regarding the “measures”!):
free T4 - 11.6 (normal range 10.9 - 25.0)
TSH - 3.9 (normal 0.2 - 3.0)
whilst the blood test level showed at 8.5 with the normal range being (9 - 25)

My doctor didn't want to take any medical action for either at present but wanted to retest me in 3months to see if these had normalised first.

Any further advice regarding either of these is greatly appreciated.

If you want to try something natural maybe either go w. Prolab’s Metabolic Thyrolean which is a blend of gugglesterones, tyrosine, phosphate, etc.) or even try the gugglesterones separately. Enzymatic Therapy makes a good one called GugulPlus.

none of these “natural” supplements will adversely affect thyroid function in the long term? by what mechanisms do they work?

my doctor feels that, although a slightly low thyroid function would explain my recent fatigue, there’s a good possibility that this might be a bit of a “blip” - and may normalise. Hence the repeat testing in 3months.

Also I have not gained any weight or body fat and, apart from the fatigue, don't exhibit any other physical symtoms of thyroid under-activity. Hence he does not wish to prescribe any thyroid medications for the present.

I have had a decreased sex-drive along with the fatigue and he feels that this may be due in part to the thyroid but also I have a blood testosterone level just under normal values.

Could an “overtrained” state, brought on by an extended period of intense training, be responsible for either of these low values?

guggulsterones are supposed to help convert
T4 to the “more active” T3…(I believe through a enzyme in the liver)–not positive on any this though. It has been awhile since I read about such things.

How much 7-keto is recomended for fat loss?
would dmso be a good tranport for this (prolonging the half life)?

I don’t know if it has any bearing on you, but I had some similar results with similar symptoms (although the fatigue was rather severe). It turns out that from the year or two of pretty much non stop tuna, salmon, and sardines, I’d accumulated a good deal of mercury. It might be worth checking out. I went from a 36 (where 9 denotes extremely elevated) down to a 9.9. Although I’m still in the extremely elevated zone, my DHEA level and thyroid panel have normalized. The test I was given to find the mercury was a urine toxic elements test and I’ve heard that the hair test is less accurate.

If I recall correctly the study I saw that showed positive effect of 7 keto on T3 levels and fat loss used 200 mg/day.

If I were you I would contact a hormone specialist. Why, because if you have naturally low Test levels you can get Testosterone or in some cases GH legally. They usually send you a home kit to get a blood sample and they send it in for tests. A lot of these Hormone doctors work with professional BB’s and even teach them how to make their levels come up low for testing purposes. OK, you might think that these Dr.'s aren’t going to give you potent stuff, in some cases they will just write you an extended perscription so that you don’t have to come back to get refills (or so you can up the dose to the desired amount). Hey in my opinion it’s worth looking into.
Good luck

been digging around a little bit and read in a book that androgens can affect thyroid function. so is it possible that, if both blood-t and thyroid functin levels are low, this could be from the effects of a steroid cycle - and both will normalise in time?


Wow. That is not good for all of us who have been eating two cans of tuna a day. Does tuna in the can have a lot of Mercury in it?

Mercury levels should be an area of concern. I’m certainly not giving up seafood though.