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Attn: London T-Men.

I’m going to be in London for two weeks and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good gym. Preferably in the Battersea area. Thanks in advance.

London is full of foo-foo gyms; you know the corporate style ones. I ended up training at some ‘exclusive’ place in St John’s Wood (NW London) which was a complete ripoff; but it was just around the corner from where I was living.

Here’s a couple in Battersea I found on www.gym-directory.co.uk:

New Bodys 140 Battersea Park Rd London SW114NB Telephone 020 7498 2833

Yorky's Gym 24-28 York Rd, Battersea London SW113QA Telephone 020 7228 6266

(BTW, Battersea is a cool place! That's where my Dad grew up, I lived there for 4 years when I was younger, bit of a council housing area but getting quite yuppyish these days!)

Thanks a lot for your help Matt. I know what you mean about foo-foo. My girlfriend lives in Battersea, and told me that her gym (Battersea Park) doesn’t have a squat rack. She has only started squatting since she met me, and is only using the bar so far. Last time I was there I went with another mate to a gym called Cannons. They had a squat rack but were really just a leisure centre. They wanted something like 20 pounds for a single visit! Thanks again.


Two of the top hardcore gyms in London are Skyline Gym in Catford and Muscleworks in Bethnal Green. Neither are that far from where you will be and if you want a real gym they will be worth the trip.

I’m not sure of battersea area, but up in north london you have Dowe dynamics (owned by Ian dowe and andrulla blanchette)in archway, muscle works in bethnal green, muscle limits up in enfield,kings gym and legends in dalston, raw power and JD’s flex gym (owned by JD dawdu (spelling))in woodgreen area, body works and galaxy gym in tottenham, the kronk in camden town (although its mainly for boxers). I’ve used most of these gyms and none of them are Foo-foo. There are alot of ‘hardcore’ gyms in north london just avoid the franchise places like cannons, holmes place and the shit hole chrome palace that I have the unfortunate misery of working in and go to the areas which have a reputation for being rough as this is were most of the best gyms are.

That’s the thing with London, I couldn’t stand the trip from Battersea to Bethnel Green (geographically they’re close enough), without a car you’d spend more time travelling… second thought even if you had a car you wouldn’t be moving very far!

I agree that the rougher areas have the better gyms, go to Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham - I had some great casual visits to gyms in the north of the country - London does have some good hardcore, but considering the population of the place they’re not that common.