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Attn: Ko and Other Cooks

I’ve decided instead of eating out a lot to get enough meals and calories in a day to opt for cooking a bunch of food on the weekend. I currently eat between 6-8 meals daily, usually between 4000-5000 calories. Usually 2-3 of those meals are “fast” food so they usually run $5-7. Including protein powder and Surge, I average about $700/month on food. I’d like to see this number cut in half. I refuse to eat less protein powder or Surge so I must learn to cook. What I need is some good suggestions for foods, recipes, however you can help. Keep in mind the food will be stored in some tupperware in the fridge for the upcoming week. This will be a mass cooking frenzy on Saturday. Foods that I like and typically eat are chicken, beef, salmon, eggs, peanuts, sweet potatoes, brown rice, wheat pasta & bread, mixed veggies, oats, apples, bananas, and yoghurt. I figure I can make my own teriyaki chicken or salmon bowls with brown rice that I usually buy. Also, those $6 health burritos I usually get should be pretty easy to make. Can you help me out on how I should go about this? Spices and sauces to consider? How to store this food? Would it be better to cook 2 times/week instead of just once? Thanks for the help. I can provide more information later.

If you haven’t got one already, a George Foreman grille is a really good investment. Also, it comes with a cookbook - one which no doubt would be spurned by purists such as ko, but which I’ve found to be good for a beginner-chef like myself.

I’m sure as hell not a cook so I can’t much help you with recipes, seasonings etc. but I think I can identify with your situation. I would think you can cook all your meals for the week on one day (probably Sunday). Try cooking everything you want and wrapping it up in foil and freezing it then just pull it out as needed and throw it in a cooler. I don’t do this with everything but do with all the meats that I eat for the week.

Ko has replied to this twice - I was sitting right there. Both times, they haven’t been posted. To which I say, “WHAT IS UP?” with the forum lately? You can certainly go to his web page: he has a “rough” one up: http://homepage.mac.com/ko67/ Personal1.html (remember to eliminate the space in the url). His email is listed there.

I'll have him post his reply AGAIN! I will say now that he has brought our grocery bill to be around $300 for the two of us. He does eat at work. Despite that, we do eat quite a bit. So, he does have some really good tips for you.

I do have the George Foreman grill and boy does it make cooking meats easy. That’s all I’ve used it for though. I cook steak and chicken on that thing every day. If I can somehow manage to limit food costs down to $2-3 per meal and only have 1 scoop of protein with it $1, I’ll be cutting my expenses in half almost. I think this next week I’ll sit down and come up with something. I’m pretty simple and can eat the same foods day in and day out, I just need to find a way to cook everything.

Foreman grill is great, I personall do not have room for one but I have a cast iron grill pan that works just as well.I posted a taco/burrito meat recipe a few days ago that
would be perfect for you, I will try to bump it up, pat put my web site up so you can e-mail me any questions.