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Attn: High school football players

If you are being recruited by schools, I think I know where you need to go:

Strippers & booze

You just can’t beat a place that gets you alcohol and strippers. And it’s in beautiful San Diego. This is the best recruiting ploy ever.

“ploy”? thats the least of the shit that goes down at EVERY school for recruiting visits…big friggin’ deal.

SDSU has had quite a few problems. Just before Bay resigned, it was found out one of the equipment managers was selling some of the Nike cleats donated to them, for something like $40.

No one advertises it, though. These guys get free advertising because they got “caught”.

Wait, I need to expound on that. No one advertises it, because it is assumed (along with much worse things). I just think it’s funny that they see this as an image problem. “No, teenagers won’t want to come to our school because they might get alcohol and strippers!”

I didn’t know schools had to go to such an extent to recruit student equipment managers…

BB - while the article didn’t directly mention football players partaking of the strippers or the beverages, the typical pecking order in a college athletic orgranization would imply that if the student-assistants were “priveleged”, then so would be the football players.

Essentially, it’s creating an atmosphere that supports the consumption of alcohol for those underage and visits to strip clubs. I’m personally shocked that this would go on at a college. :slight_smile:

Funny, my friend is off to SDSU to play football this year.

Personally, as an alumnus of UC San Diego, I am utterly shocked that such things could go on at that paragon of integrity and academia, SDSU.

Actually, I was always jealous of the SDSU guys because of all the hot chicks that go to SDSU – that school is always well represented in the Playboy college issue (and the girls pictured actually go to school there too). UC San Diego was good academically, but we had a saying: 9 out of 10 girls in San Diego are hot, and the 10th goes to UCSD…

The best thing about UCSD is that as a Div. III school, absolutely no one cared if we had alcohol or strippers in the athletic facilities…

BTW, I got the inference before – it’s just funny that the story would be broken with no mention of actual athletes participating.