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Attn: Greg, RE: Deadlifting

I got this email through T-Nation from someone named Greg, but it didn’t include a reply address. Hopefully, he’ll find his responses here:

Not yet. You might see one in a few months, though. :wink:

[quote]This is related to walking/running/gait/
2) Do you know of a website…or book or maybe you can tell me… of the way a persons legs should move throughout the entire stride?[/quote]

The three are going to be markedly different. You can get a good perspective on gait analysis with any physical therapy textbook. For sprinting, any one of Charlie Francis’ books are good, and “Sport Mechanics for Coaches” by Carr offers a pretty good synopsis. Surprisingly, McGill had a decent summary in “Ultimate Back Fitness and Peformance.”

[quote]Im curious as to why I see some individuals run and their feet turn out
(watching from behind) once they leave the ground and why some turn in and yet some stay nuetral. I remember reading somewhere about what muscles need to be strengthened/stretched…etc…but hell if I cant find it when I need it…[/quote]

Usually tightness of the plantarflexors (calves) and hip flexors. If it’s unilateral, though, it can be related to a few different flexibility issues. In the case of bilateral problems, you can find some of the rationale for it in Mike and my “Neanderthal No More” series.