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Attn: fellow Calgary, AB T-people

So my iron-clad membership at the local “lifter-wannabe-pop-blasting-gabbing” factory expires in about a month. I’m hoping that there’s some fellow t-people out there who can recommend an excellent facility for training in the Calgary, AB area (mostly for strength training purposes)…

I was surprised to find out that Poliquin himself had a secret training facility out here a few years ago…don’t know why, but it gives me goose bumps grin

Any recommendations will be pondered with all intensity, and with much thanks in advance…


Hey, wassup?

I worked out at “The Gym” in the NE for a few years before switching to golds. I think “The Gym” is proabably the best place I have ever trained. Much smaller, but never crouded, and they have an area to practice powerlifting. I would still be training there if it wasn’t on the other end of town.


Although I live in Edm, I know most of the clubs in Calgary too. I recommend Destination Perfection as one good gym. Barry and the boys there are really dedicated to the sport and support the industry. They have sponsored many local competitions and hosted guest speakers such as Tom Prince and Jenny Hendershot.
I also like World Health Club. It is a versatile club and you can train at any of the 10 clubs in Calgary and Edm with your membership. Check them out.
Good luck!

I think Poliquin trained at the Oval, and at Lindsey Park.

Poliquin at Lindsey Park? You don’t say… You know, for the size of city, Calgary really has very few true iron pits. There are some powerlifting gyms, some Olympic, too, but there are so many flashy fitness centres. World Health is crowded and Golds is full of cretons.