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Attn D Santillo - re: another thread

On another post I read your recommendations regarding training for submission/nhb fighting.

what sort of routine/regime would you recommend for the period where the goal is to maximise strength/power and hypertrophy? I agree that these factors are important.

Also, during this phase (where you recommend only 2 cardio sessions/week) would my normal grappling/sparring sessions suffice for this purpose?


I can’t really tell you brother, it depends on a lot of different factors: how far are you from competition? how strong/big are you relative to your competition already? what are your strengths/weaknesses in technical ability of your particular discipline that you might help with strength training? are you competing with a weight class in mind? etc… These are things that you should sit down and think about, then come up with an appropriate plan. If you can write back with some more info I’ll try to give you some more specific ideas. I would focus a lot on flexibility and injury prevention as well, but that’s probably a given already if you’re a devoted martial artist.

Most likely, your normal grappling work will be enough endurance training for this base strength training period, but I don't have much information on your background or training level. I also like the idea of technical drills taking the place of traditional aerobic work, especially in your initial training stages. For a wrestler or judoka, this may mean repeating one particular take-down or throw for a half an hour at a time. Just make sure that your instructor is there to give you technical feedback as you go through the drills so that you don't get into bad habits.